Nevertheless, I must say that even through things revolving I will save myself...For you…

My hunger for your love and thorn.

That nevertheless through life chiseling our bones brittle; the crimson of the petals you bring me, are my blood…


We are never without flowers.


Even if tonight, I seem restless through my agony before you.

Remember that my banners mark where I reside.

Just tattered torn hems from my dresses. The ones you tug begging for forgiveness.

Do not be sorry for what you bring to me.

Because, still yet, in the consumption of our waves you love fiercely.

The fire still glows in your eyes in my depths.

Like fluorescent fish making rapid rounds in our chests.

Ghost ships anchoring as home in my soul.


How is it within me you always find a way to live?


Many died here. Many did.

At times, including myself...But, never you.

The wicked queen and the remote child.

I am now a woman you have adorned with shrouds and gems...No one sees this.

They hackle quietly as I walk, but with your hands you roll out my garments and red carpet.

This is our world as invisible as invincible. As real as imagined…


Even after death Jose.


Even after death, you hold my glory and my heaven.

Even the beings from my womb that do not belong of your flesh you kiss as your own.

How could I return this sort of resilience in belonging?...


How could I ever?


I will give you my entire life with my eyes open, and as they shut.

My pain has harvested places where you readily pour tears.

And as we evolve in transition.

One thing remains the same...


Nevertheless, I love you.


You are the sound in me; sonar.

The rattle so they hear my skeletons.

My blood as you are water, thorn and sun.

My moon curled on the floor.

I too, will raise you up high.

Nevertheless, one thing remains the same.

Again and again…


I love you.

As you love me.


© Mimi Caneda Mata

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