I am your Holiday Turkey

just minding my own business

until You came along

and interfered with my pleasant life

you froze me to death

then put me in a pan

stuffed my cavity

basted me with hot oil

then left me in the oven for hours

until I turned brown

all the while poking me with a fork

and watching my suffering

with glee through that window

smiling like some kind of pervert

then you ate my parts

like the ravenous carnivores you are

gluttons for food

and cruel animal sadists

I am just a lowly turkey

but I have feelings nonetheless

if I still had my wings

and my wits about me

I would get out of here

but along with everything else

you tied my legs.



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Mon 2nd Dec 2019 15:08

I ain't a sadist to laugh at the plight of this struggling turkey.....but maintaining the human aspect of non vegetarians, i smile at the concept....a sad cookery show!!
Nice write!!

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