The Voices

Sitting in silence, thoughts run wild
it's the screaming I can't unhear
' You're unwanted' ' you're disgusting'
upon my shatered heart, it's seared

No escape from this cage of doubt
now only crimison tears will pour
Fighting against this inner demon
bloody scratch marks cover the door

Like a lonely child hiding from monsters
I curl up in my lonely bed
Wishing for a sanctuary of peace
Trying to block the voices in my head

What will save me from this torture?
What will erase my life of sin?
What must I do to make the screaming stop?
Will I have to let the devil win?

No answers follow my useless query
For why listen to this discarded life?
Lost is the idea of hope
There will be no freedom from my plight

For upon my shattered heart it's seared
'Your unloved' 'we dont need you here'
So to make this endless noise stop
I'll make myself disappear

◄ My Red Chrysanthemum

Looking at Life Through Stained Glass ►


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Paul Sayer

Thu 26th Dec 2019 15:55

Hi Dominique

Another great introspective piece of contemplative poetry.

May your 2020 be all your heart desires.

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Brian Maryon

Tue 24th Dec 2019 07:46

I don't usually go for introspective poems but this rhyming piece took me in.

Many poets specialise in these, or perhaps they just get stuck in the groove. Either way it would be good to see the occasional breakout.

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