Searching for the Spirit of the Season

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Searching for the Spirit of the Season
Searching for something we can believe in
Searching for the rhyme and the reason,
That undefinable and indisputable feeling

But where to be found?
Up in sky or down upon ground,
Amongst trees or far out to sea,
Or around the hearth of a loving family?

From presents received and given,
Or from the depths of solitude,
That deserted walls have hidden?
Or diffused within the vast silent expanse,
With all others far out of vision? 

Is it to be found at the bottom
Of a forever surrendering glass?
Or in the look and sweet kiss,
From a tenderly touching lass?

Enchantingly captivating,
With that certain and ever knowing,
Hypnotic allure in her eye
Felt deep within a beating heart,
Connecting with the bigger certainty

The most precious gift of all
As deftly summoned through
The mysterious chemistry,
Of the Great Alchemist's,
Most phantasmagorical wizardry

The essence that can't be touched, only experienced
For to try to capture and contain
Sees it simply slip through,
Your hopeless grasp again

So just to let it be,
Is the only way to see,
And in time, it just might come back again,
Ever so effortless and wholly naturally...

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