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Some is for healing other times learning or growth

Each time different but the same a soul level oath 

There's no words to explain although life lessons were had

Each one a revelation some happy some sad

And as I move forward l left my painful memories in the wake

Because my heart rises with more love and less hate

This levels only reached through nightmares and deep fears

First Mammon is served till you clear those dark energies of early years

As I navigate through my psycy It seems I'm always lost

Drifting in and out consciousness for my sins I not yet know the cost 

As I pull back my sanity cause I know there's no turning back

There's a thin line between my existence and what's needed I didn't pack

And slowly my peak passes the motives about my lie are becoming clear

because knowing these primal frequencies I no longer feed the fear. 



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Sun 29th Dec 2019 13:38

Danny A kindred soul.

Keep searching... the treasure is buried deep.

Hidden often by the illusion many call self.

Be selfless my friend and discover who you truly are.

Your poetry calls to the wild, the wind, the tides that turn and bring you home.


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