A Perfect Fit

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A Perfect Fit


Rhyme you say so much to me

You crack me up with mirth

You help me look inside myself

And see what is of worth


At times you do frustrate me

Can't make your lines go rhyme

I guess I can't expect them to

Go balance every time


I'll bend you and do what I need

To make you say my bit

You are my friend rhyme , don't despair

We are a perfect fit


Don Matthews May 2018



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Mon 16th Dec 2019 18:09

Rhyme bender!!

Master stroke.....hehehe 😜

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Don Matthews

Mon 16th Dec 2019 05:50

Thankyou for your clap, claps Po. Was very faint when it reached me but it made it under the lake.....

Wot lake's he talkin' about Eth?....

Go back to sleep luv....


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Sun 15th Dec 2019 19:57

clap clap clapping.

Go Don!

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