Hashbrown Town

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I took a trip down Hashbrown Town,
To take a look around, and found,
Everything there, was textured-triangle
With angles rounded, and not at all Square

Unlike Toblerone Town, where everything is,
Monochrome mocha, with sides geometrically true
T'was more akin to deep-down, Old Dorito City way
Having uneven slopes, covered in a crispy-golden hue

Milling around, downtown Hashbrown Town,
Everyone gave off a tanning-parlour, reflective glow
And so wore wrap-around shades, as well as hard-hats,
Should any flaky masonry, fall off on those mingling below

I quite liked my visit to Hashbrown Town
And may someday soon, go back again to take that ride
For apart, from the well weathered-worn exterior
They’re all really, quite soft-centred there inside

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