The Lady of the GPS

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The Lady of the GPS


(True story)


A truckie based in Melbourne town

(A huge B-double grade)

Set GPS then headed off

Bound for Adelaide


The Lady of the GPS

(Obey at any cost)

Take this street, that street, trust me do

You're bound to not get lost


But Lady? streets are narrowing

Don't worry trust me do

You've told me where you want to go

Take trailer with you too


(I have complete trust in you....)


The truck (B-double) got well stuck

And over-turned a tree

As well as damaging a car

The picture looks at me



What's that?….


Did I program the correct address in ?...


Don Matthews December 2019

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Tue 10th Dec 2019 00:34

I'll try this myself sometime..... May b it works.....what say Donny dear? On a ride!!!

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Trevor Alexander

Wed 4th Dec 2019 14:44

Yeah, I've had some dodgy directions from her in my time. I asked her for the airport once, and to be fair she did direct me there. To a fence on the opposite side to the entrance. I now take advice from Wallace and Gromit - at least it's entertaining. 😊


Wed 4th Dec 2019 09:52

Hilarious Donny dear.....right the correct picture in....aye aye captain of the truckie.....Hahaha 💕 pm

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