Looking Good

When looking for a new doctor

For me the best of all

Is one that's overweight and a smoker

And reeks of alcohol

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sat 14th Dec 2019 00:25

To make you feel instantly healthier 😁

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John Coopey

Fri 13th Dec 2019 10:31

Absolutely, Joe. We don't need any skinny doctors telling us to be thin.

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Don Matthews

Fri 13th Dec 2019 08:10

I've just arrived in town Joe
Drink whiskey, fat and smoke
And happen to be doctor
Need money. Am flat broke

You say you're doctor-looking
I'm here, I fit your bill
Certificate in surgery
Can give you plenty pills

How'my going with 4-liners Joe?

My nurse I'll throw in with the bill
She's sexy, low-cut dress
You wanna sign up sight unseen?
You hope she might wear less?

Don't push your luck Joe.
She's feisty and fickle.....


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Brian Maryon

Fri 13th Dec 2019 01:08

At least they'd probably have some empathy with their patients!

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