What is The Like-Minders Society ?

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What is The Like-Minders Society ?


The following is a report by the New-Age Poetry Review.


LMS is an experimental project by Australian offbeat poet Don Matthews. Mr Matthews is renowned for pushing boundaries and experimenting in strangeness.


The project involves a group of poets (currently 15) who meet in a Theme Park and ride a rollercoaster to various stops of poetical interest. Stops include Writers Corners, The Traditional Poets Stamping Ground and a Deep-Thinking Haiku Centre. They have their own LMS Staff Lounge, and to encourage youngsters just starting out, a Budding Poets Audition Site. Finally, no theme park, can be without a Toilet Stop, featuring Toilet Poets-of-Note It all sounds very exciting.


Their rollercoaster is regularly serviced and has passed stringent safety requirements of the Rollercoaster Board. Members can be assured of safety at all times. It comes complete with an on-board bar and barmaid. And Mr Matthews is a safe driver.


While the idea may sound strange, even bizarre, to those in the Traditional Poets Association, these breakaway LMS members now feel they can flap their offbeat wings with freedom.


Some are saying Mr Matthews is 'off the planet' while others see genius at work. Some even believe him to be the reincarnation of 'down the rabbit hole' Lewis Carroll. We at New-Age Poetry Review can only say good heavens.... And watch this space.


They have taken as their mascot the Greek Muse of Mirth Thalia. No wonder they're a happy lot.


Their Head of Publicity, Miss Lucy L, says joining LMS is by invitation only. Should you be looking to add some fun to your poetry life applications to join can be directed to Mr Matthews at their office. Riff-raff or doomy gloomers need not apply we're told. Sounds like they run a tight ship.


To our knowledge this is the only project of it's kind in existence. We wish it every success.


New-Age Poetry Review



Written by Lucy L. (Head of Publicity LMS)


(Approved by Don Matthews December 2019)

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Dec 2019 22:59

If you out (but looking in)
You're missing all the fun
Theme Park's still evolving
Never dusted/done

Don is a safe driver
He'll open Toilet Stop
If you have emergency
From rollercoaster drop

Po he will not photo you
In your time of need
I will not put you in rhyme
WOLers for to read

Po and Ruth and Dorothy
Can vouch it's worth your time
You'll see things that won't get on site
Mostly all in rhyme

MC's an observer
Likes to look from out
Haven't yet quite temped him
Tempt is what I'm 'bout

Graham likens me to
Sheepdog rounding sheep
While you are in the daylight Graham
I am fast asleep

Even dogs need to rest.....

Oh..... Thalia says 'go Don'...

Lucy? Good onya mate (while downing a double whisky)...

Bert's still pining at the gate Thale......


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Mon 2nd Dec 2019 22:36


Strap in

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 2nd Dec 2019 20:48

Ah...the highs and lows of poetical endeavour!

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Mon 2nd Dec 2019 20:07

I am the head of graphics
My John Hancock is affix*

*{A linguistic element added to a word to produce an inflected or derived form.}--- 'Poemagraphic'

Taking photos, writing poems
Around the theme park
I’m seen to roam.

Aboriginal descendants
Can be quite shy
Their fear is, that they might die.

If captured by my camera lens
Their soul is stolen they contend

No, no. thrice no!
Once taken, it let’s them go.

So come on Aussies
One and all
Let your face
Don our wall

At the top before the fall
I’ll photograph your face
As you scream and bawl

Fun and laughter are assured
Once in your seat you are secured
A roller ride to blow your mind
So all your fears leave behind.



Mon 2nd Dec 2019 15:04

Always looking forward to some new rollercoaster ride. The fun begins and thrills keep going. No injuries reported, no sickness prevailed. All safe and happy, ready for the new thrills.
Thank you Donny dear!! I'm one satisfied customer.

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 2nd Dec 2019 14:22

I’m beginning to think you have some sheepdog qualities Don!

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Ruth O'Reilly

Mon 2nd Dec 2019 12:53

This rollercoaster
Needs to be ridden
Don't keep your
Off beats hidden
Master Don here
Takes the lead
In entertaining
He does succeed
A like minded society
Of fun
As an experiment
He's just begun!

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Don Matthews

Mon 2nd Dec 2019 08:36

If you would like to be part of the LMS experiment with a group of us please feel free to contact me

Don M

The photo was taken by Po (which is why you can't see him)

Is that Ruth and Do at the front? Tom at the back?

I'm paying dearly for my 'look-no-hands-mum' moment

Our Like-Minders like their roller ride. Can't wait says Do

Thale and Lucy are hidind somewhere.

Bert and Ethel live next to the park. Bert sees the fun rollers and longs to join. He suffers vertigo though and asks 'Can you get anti-sickness rollercoaster pills fom Tesco Eth?' to which she replies 'Dunno luv....worth a try '

My world of poetry, fun and fantasy

Come and join us


PS Photo was taken before we set up the bar.....

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