Supertramp. Ahead of Their Time (1974)

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Supertramp. Ahead of Their Time (1974)

(First presented in the Like-Minders Society Theme Park. 

Rollercoaster Stop 'Music Lounge')


Supertramp were

Ahead of their time

Making, creating

100 dollar wine


Coordination brilliant

Second to none

Harmony vocals

All perfectly done


Supertramp talent

Brilliant, under-rated

Hypnotic, spine-tingling

Not ego-inflated


Supertramp you

Were perfect, in prime

You focused on music

Ahead of your time


Don Matthews September 2019


DREAMER 1974  click YouTube bottom rightto access full screen option







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Fri 20th Dec 2019 15:02

Good one!! 💖

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Don Matthews

Fri 20th Dec 2019 01:10

Thankyou for liking the poem Po. And the roller rides around the Park.....

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Don Matthews

Thu 19th Dec 2019 06:41

Should you wish to join the Like-Minders Society and ride the rollercoaster around its Theme Park (to Stops of offbeat poetical interest) contact its creator and our Leader Don Matthews.

We guarantee a fun-filled ride. We have an onboard bar with Barlady Thalia serving cocktails of the day. The roller has passed strict Rollercoaster Safety Board requirements. We wouldn't want wheels falling off. Imagine the paperwork?

Our Leader has finally got his license back after running off the rails during its test run. He thought he was a racing driver.

Come and join us. We currently have 15 offbeat poet members. No riff-raff or doomy gloomers please. We run a tight ship.

Lucy L (Head of LMS Publicity)

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