Ethel and Bert

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Ethel and Bert


(Ethel and Bert, pensioners, live just outside the Like-Minders Society Theme Park.  Bert sees members riding their rollercoaster around the Park and having fun.  He wants to join but suffers vertigo.  He asks Ethel if he can get anti-rollercoaster sickness pills from Tesco.  She replies, dunno luv, worth a try...)


Ethel and Bert are two characters

I've created to comment on verse

Ethel's the fount of all knowledge

While Bert's a bit slow (could be worse)





Yes luv?...


Is 'e talking 'bout us?....


Dunno? Is your name Bert?....




Go back to sleep.....



Don Matthews December 2019

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Don Matthews

Wed 18th Dec 2019 06:03

Thankyou for your first effort as Head Of Publicity Lucy. It can take a while to 'get into' a new job.....keep at it.


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Don Matthews

Tue 17th Dec 2019 05:57

As Head of Publicity for the Like-Minders Society my job is to publicize this new project of our Leader. We are a group of fun-seeking offbeat WOL poets (currently 15) who rollercoast around a Theme Park to various stops of poetical interest such as Writers Corners, Traditional Poets Association Stamping Ground, the essential Toilet Stop, our own Music Lounge and a Budding Poets Audition Site.

Should you like to join us contact our Leader Don at the LMS Office during business hours 9am-11pm UK time. No riff-raff or doomy gloomers please. We run a tight ship.

Lucy L (Head of Publicity)

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