A letter to Ex-friends ;)

You still mention me in conversations,

just like you would have the right to judge me.

I did not set all my sides free, honey,

your knowledge is exactly as I wanted it to be. 


One day bothered you my questions, 

should I just stared at the wall when with you? 

Another time you didn't like how I treat others, 

what real harm did I actually do? 


The other day you thought I was possesive, 

the next day I was the one who complicates. 

Then again black sheep who talks too loud, 

every time you waited to set me in flames. 


After months of trying to fix this mistake-hill, 

the thought run through my mind, got me upset. 

You don't respect my personality and you never will,

the void in my chest won't fullfill. 


So now I am stepping on road of life without you, 

sometimes I let memories break through. 

I also do remember what true friendship is

and that I don't need enemies in life with you <3 


**** you ;* 

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