Vaults Of Wisdom


Old people have

what all young people want

time in front of a screen

there is plenty of time to watch TV

or play games

in a nursing home


other than the lobby

there is no place to go

they are prisoners of

their years

held captive by infirmity


but in those lobbies

is the wealth of generations

reams of experience

collected accomplishment

vaults of wisdom

ready to be opened

with only a simple question


what was it like

when you were young?



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Paul Sayer

Sat 7th Dec 2019 17:39

This -d, is a message that mankind needs to hear.

You have become very reflective over the last few months.

From my house to your house, peace and good will.

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Sat 7th Dec 2019 14:33

Another good one, DK. Got me thinking and renewed my hope somehow.

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