It’s Rock Jim, but not as we know it

The artiste picks up his award,

MTV ceremony charms,

mumbles his rap persona response,

but only famous to anyone under 14.

He’s not Lemmy, Bowie  or Presely.

It’s just not rock ‘n’ roll.


Radio One and Gem

spin the same few songs,

to get them heard by everyone,

in delivery vans, commercial kitchens and the warehouses

of this once great musical land.

But it’s not Jagger, Joplin, or The Who.

It’s just not rock ‘n’ roll.


Monotonous computer synced drums,

pulse faster than any jungle or heart,

disco has tranced itself out to repetition,

there ought to be petitions,

because it’s not Soft Cell, OMD or Duran Duran,

It’s just not rock ‘n’ roll.


Singer songwriters play it safe,

strum the odd chords on redundant guitars,

rely on acapella narratives

of life and love forlorn,

but it’s not Lennon, McCartney, Dylan or Young.

It’s just not rock ‘n’ roll.


R&B artists on download charts,

attempt to steal a genre,

that they are nowhere near as high to being in grace,

Motown please save us face,

because it’s not Aretha, Otis, or Curtis,

It’s just not rock ‘n’ roll.


Reality TV talent star,

voice of silk and milk, but no scars,

manufactured boy and girl band glitz,

dance for Saturday night audiences.

But it’s not Diamond, Wilson, or Little Richard,

It’s just not rock ‘n’ roll.


Here’s a guitar with three chords, and an attitude.

Go and start a band.

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