No Drive

Soon self-driving cars will be the norm

And we will long for the days behind

Because we are unable to just go for a ride

Without a destination in mind

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Sat 28th Dec 2019 03:58

Let's go driving everyone crazy. Kindda lonesome longsome drive!!! Self driven not carr driven....zoom zip zap......vroom!!

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Don Matthews

Fri 27th Dec 2019 21:39

OK car where are we going?
Where we going today?
What's that? no oomph, the power blacked out?
Garage day you say?

Why didn't 'e keep his old petrol type Eth?

Dunno luv. Thought he'd be cool? Go with the in crowd?

New technolgy can fizzle Eth. That's why I stick with my 1950 lounger.
Seen these whiz-bang 50-position latest? What happens when you can't get a replacement battery?

You're right luv. Waste of money. Like these new-fangled self-drive cars. Hear about the one in Australia ? Knocked over a blow-up kangaroo. Hopeless lot down there.

Except for that poet who communicates with us regularly Eth. He's OK.....

(I take no responsibility for comments made by Ethel and Bert. They have a right to their opinions, as do we all)


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