Does No-one Know Where Rose Is ?

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Does No-one Know Where Rose Is ?


Does no-one know where Rose is ?

I really miss her so

(Santa's on my rooftop)

(Rudolph's snuffling snow)


Your verse is deteriorating Don.....


We care about the state of things

Pollution, mess and such

Wasting of resources

(I miss her very much)


I miss her carefree attitude

Her greeting with 'hey dude'

Her spunky pic upon my screen

On me, her pic. it grewed


Someone I know did say that she

Went Casablanca bound

Searching for a hunk to find

(On the beach they're found)


I don't believe this....


Thale says someone made it up.....


Although my verse is flippant

It is twined with concern
Like-Minders we all miss you Rose

Beach hunks not worth your yearn


You sure she's not in Casa Thale ?.....


I miss her red lips...


We all do Don....


Don Matthews December 2019


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Fri 6th Dec 2019 14:20

Don wherez Roze?? I'm worried too.

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Don Matthews

Fri 6th Dec 2019 07:06

I am an offbeat poet
I writes so diffrently
I buggers up me grammar
Where are you Rosalie?

And Do says hehehe....

Thalia's giggling.....

Lucy, our LMS Head of Publicity, downs another double whiskey.....

Sheesh Rose I need some stabilization therapy....My women are getting out of control...where are you?

Go check your WOLer inbox girl
What's that? It's broken down?
You haven't told the WOLer techs?
No Rose, my mind's quite soun

Thale? She thinks I've gone off the rails.....

What's this all about Eth?....

Dunno pet......


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