Neighbour To A Mirror


Let's just say we're abandoning science-fiction quests
regarding them all as poor sand-castles
shrinking from the buffetting of any day
let alone the tide they had thought to challenge.

Plain speaking might be best but think
no one seems able to get their ducks in a line
ducks more like scraps of feather and echoes of quack
unable to even trip over a lyrical line or lifeline.

Let's just say we allow poeple's ghosts but deny them power
we don't silence banshees because we can't
before morning in thrall to a new dream
we'll confront a new creation 
sensitive perhaps to ghosts of our own.

The extravagances of the time 
we might discuss, celebrate, ponder,
complain against, laugh at, fume over.
Any time would be the same.

Let's just say in our best songs and poems
at the risk of too much repetition
"Brr" for the cold water "Ahh" for the warm sun
and as the occasion arises "Sorry".

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