Drive of my Life

Driving at night

on a road I don’t know

The wind howling

with a fluttering of snow

Seeing things in a way

I don’t normally see

and it thwarts me from

getting to where I need to be

Eyes playing games

Peering beyond the haze

Every street seems the same

like a cornfield maze

Well thats how it feels

When disorientation kicks in

Like being in hell

when you’ve not even sinned

The injustice of being

caught in this trap

With a few miles to go

but where am I at?

Only came out for a drive

Should have brought a map

Life’s Satnav not working

My bearings are gone

Where the hell am I going?

and where am I from?

The Urban Poet 2019






◄ Reference in Rhyme

2051 A Space Oddity ►


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