Mother's Lament



The little boy who lives here

so cheerful and bright

so caring for his years

so much beauty in so small a boy


yet this brief elementary moment

will not last

soon he will grow wings and fly

and the little things that made him

so special will disappear


that small window will close

and he will leave

his boyhood giving way to manhood

it won't be the same

that little boy is so dear to my heart

can you forgive a mother for wanting

to keep him as he is


but I guess it is inevitable

with growth comes maturity

he will grow whiskers

he will grow wings

and soon fly away


I hope he will come back home

in the summer

like a Monarch butterfly returning

to light here beside me once again

and dazzle me with his charm

and tell me stories of his adventures


we cannot stop time

but oh if only we could

I wish it would be now

and I could keep him as he is


it is so hard to let go

part of me wants him to grow

and accomplish the great things

he is destined for


my selfish part tells me

I want him to stay my little boy



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Tue 24th Dec 2019 12:22

Thanks Most Caring Newberry
for you long comments on "Mother's Lament".
What you state is also true.
Becoming the "other woman" is also hard.

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Mon 23rd Dec 2019 19:03

Lovely and thoughtful (as ever)

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 23rd Dec 2019 18:09

There must be a part of almost all mothers that feels the same way.
But the real love is in knowing when to let go; to settle for being "the other woman" in her son's life. yet knowing she had the power to
form the character and values her offspring possesses to see him through that life. Perhaps the most logical interpretation of that old saying telling us of the woman behind every successful man.


Mon 23rd Dec 2019 17:26

all mother's lament their child's leaving home.

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