Leave Yourself Behind

A decade on, decade long
a journey
I’ve been filling this space with lines
you can follow them if you like

I’ve gone from ‘putting out’ only
to taking in, to loving others’ work
and learning
I hear their voices in my own words now

I’ve been leaving myself behind
these past ten years
writing wrongs
trying to find that spark

It’s said ‘don’t stay in any place too long
when you’re on the run’
I must have found something worthwhile
it’s ten whole years

Ten long years
of becoming who I am
leaving that old me
leaving that old myth I span

I needed to want to
shake the hand
of the man I hoped I’d find

I’m so grateful for the encouragement
the support, the critique
the acquaintances
and the inspiration I have found

I’ve been leaving myself behind;
my mind printed black 
upon the white pages of this site
you can follow them if you like

Splatters of ink
splatters of ink
all down my track...

[It’s ten years to the day since I joined WriteOutLoud :) 
Here’s my first post from so long ago:  

decadepostingten yearsthankswolwriting

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Don Matthews

Sun 15th Dec 2019 21:38

I do so like this Tom. But if it's just a 'rough dash' my mind boggles at what a 'revision' would be.....

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Sun 15th Dec 2019 20:30

Thanks both. It was just a rough dash of a poem to celebrate ten years of posting. I'll try and revise it over the next few weeks. Thank you both for your inspiration and encouragement along the way. It is deeply appreciated and I hope I can return the favour occasionally. 😃

And thank you Blackrose for the like x

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Paul Sayer

Sat 14th Dec 2019 20:36

Tom wise words my friend.

You have made the longest of all journeys to find what was so close

Even closer than your breath! Inspirational you are.

You have brought others along the same path as yourself as you have written... and continue to write.

A souls journey

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Sat 14th Dec 2019 14:48

What insight you had on your first published poem Tom. Congratulations on hanging in there a decade! Thank you for sharing your gift. There is a line in this poem that your writing helps us do and that is to find ourselves and be proud of our art. I hope you have fulfilled your prophecy. “I needed to want to shake the hand of the man I hoped I’d find.” ❤️🙏🙌

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