Plink, Plink, Plink

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Plink, Plink, Plink


(First written for the Like-Minders Society's Rollercoaster Toilet Stop, known for it's high quality visiting poets) 


I sit upon my porcelain

Throne and ponder, think

I know what you are thinking

What rhymes with think, yep, sink


I think I must change washer

In leaking tap in sink

That's next to me (it's dripping)

Plink, plink, plink


You think I'm on my toilet

Sitting, waiting, think

It's really all just make believe

Wink, wink, wink


Don Matthews

(Toilet Poet-of-Note)

November 2019

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Sat 28th Dec 2019 03:53

Hahaha!!!! Hey Doc, hwz the walk? High!!!! 🚽🔧🔨💉

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Don Matthews

Sat 28th Dec 2019 03:28

Do's made me now a Doctor
Good heavens golly gosh!
Roller driver, toilet rents
Dripping taps for wash

You will all be pleased to hear that as I have yet to create a tap-fixing janitor for the LMS Theme Park loo I have fixed the tap myself. No longer will plink plink annoy you Po.

Yes Thale/Lucy I am thinking of a she janitor.....



Fri 27th Dec 2019 17:22

Donny dear, To let......toilets....on rent, lease, purchase or sale, much offers for decade end, leave the customers wanting more, roller coasters over toilet seats, joining the ride on shitting spree, many ailments shall be cured...Doctor Don, selling rides, toilet seats, cure for piles...phew!!!

Doctor Don.....specialist in roller coaster rides for stomach related ailments.....wink wink wink!!!

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Don Matthews

Fri 27th Dec 2019 14:12

Since letting it be known that my search for quality toilet poets just turned up shitty work I have had 'hopefuls' queuing up at my door longing to be invited to the Like-Minders Theme Park to present their work. (bit like open mic a la LMS). I have had a quick skim. Some possibilities there.

Unfortunately, the work of these toilet poet hopefuls, not being WOL members, only Like-Minders will have the opportunity of hearing them (off-site so to speak). Why not join us? Our Toilet is also available to Members when we stop to hear these poets.....such is the power of their work. Only the best for LMS.

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Paul Sayer

Fri 27th Dec 2019 12:02

I sat there broken hearted
spent a penny, and only farted.

(We went to the sea-side in the Summer and it is 50p now!)

Inflation, still, flatulence decreases fat tummy's.

Sprouts can do that at Xmas I understand.


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Ruth O'Reilly

Fri 27th Dec 2019 11:53

Please do sit
Do ponder
The is no need
To rush
Let your mind
A Wander
Till something
To flush!

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Don Matthews

Fri 27th Dec 2019 05:51

If you'd like to find out more about the Like-Minders Society please contact me. We are a group of WOL poets based on having fun riding our rollercoaster around a Theme Park fairground to stops of offbeat poetical interest. We will give you a good time.


(Authorised by Lucy L, LMS Head of Publicity)

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