Recurring Dream

A recurring dream of anyone but you

To be loved, seduced, wanted

To be intimate in a way you can’t provide

There’s so much to life I’m missing


The usual comforts push away the desire,

Schedules forbid connection;

Sparks fly, 

The flame grows, 

And something forces us back together


I push you away for a reason

We only share the same space

Fleeting chemistry pulls us together only for a moment

I need more than that


Is it just me,

Questioning a simple need 

I play the part, 

I have it under control,

It doesn’t bother me


It gets out of hand, 

I ask friends for advice, 

They see struggle, 

The end of us is in sight


We agree that communication is key

One of many talks will get us through 

A support system is put into place 

We open up and tell the truth


We are both struggling, 

And share the blame

The healing is only beginning, 

And we are on the upswing 

If only for a moment.


Looking back on a poem from 2017 and some things never change...

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Mon 30th Dec 2019 23:51

Thanks Don, Do, Derbee, and Tom for the comment and Likes.

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Don Matthews

Mon 30th Dec 2019 22:10

I like this.....

And the line:

'Fleeting chemistry pulls us together only for a moment'........

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