One Way Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Why is it that I see my fall?


This glassy surface shows me all

The me that wants out,

that constantly shouts

Bloody fingertips

Little cuts, little slips

Bruises covering from head to toe

The little girl screaming "no!"

The whispers of a violent past,

all this shown through thick layered glass

Inside the icy prison; dark brown eyes glare

Outside of this cage,

light brown eyes only stare

The outside ignores the pain inflicted

Ignores those pointless screams

Her other half, the dark side, she hides

There is no reason to acknowledge her

The inside, this girl, she can feel

But she is locked inside an empty room 

behind a one-way mirror

The outside, a mechanical doll

She doesn't feel; has no say 

Refuses to stomp her foot

All that is hidden

All that is opened wide

Is it the 'in' or 'outside'?


Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who's the strongest one of all?

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