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Angelsey for sale (2016)

Angelsey for sale,

yes please!

Only wish it could cater for all work and trade

 - salary to survive.

Imagine buying some land

and letting go of the world.

Wondering now, why anyone would want to sell up

and leave such an isle of serenity,

except for the jet skis.

Perhaps time is hard and business is bust,

as nuclear power gives way to

Japanese contracts to decommis...

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First poetry collection nearly ready

Hello folks,


I now have my first collection of poetry almost ready to self-publish based on my 1990's poems and rants etc.  The dilemma is this:  Do I publish it as 45 poems (to symbolise my age and 20 yearssince I began writing poetry, which has developed since then)?  Or (becasue create space paperback print of demand retail at around £7.99) do I go for it and put everything I've got int...

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Fairway close to .....

Sunday afternoon tranquillity,

as cars sleep in their holes.

There are no dogs barking or chasing golf balls,

no domestics going on within the 'Brookside' houses,

strewn all along - not one soap sod leaking.

Further along the view,

stand the concrete giants,

immortalised kilns conducting power.

Grey Titans that oppose the green,

urban – rural - it's mad - it's obscene.


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A view of surprises

Darkly, the mist lowers over to the Swallows and Amazon islands,

Speckling the lake from being whole mass.

Launches stutter their way to jetties at Ashness Bridge,

Humming the moment for cameras and screaming kids.

The mist transpires the green, the glow,

Pierced now by laser sunlight below.

I stand with friends from a height,

As Tino the defiant pit bull, looks aloft at it al...

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Breaking glass

in the corridors of my mind,

Trampled underfoot,

the shards cut deep.

I loved her



©David Addington 1998

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Anaesthetic Substitute

Drugs.  Addiction –

back by popular demand.

A way to end the boredom,

spoil another day.

Broke.  Aflliction,

living second hand.

Last two quid for the ‘leccy' box

in a load of rusty change.

No!  Distinction,

frustrated as one can.

Can’t entertain all the time

and have constructive ideas.

Beliefs.  Predictions,

all letters in the sand.

Want to know the futu...

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Japan love affair 1990

Where are yu?

Ezaki sweet love,

Japanese venture,

Exotic treat for a young man

Back in his prime.


Hair dark as coal

And even down there.

Paps the right handful size.

How our bodies rhymed and chimed

In knots and tangles on and off the sheets.


28 and 20 – what a great age to be.

You were a woman who shared her wares

As I shared my tears and adolescent d...

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David Bowie

The alien has taken his last trip to Mars,

On the Berlin express,

Calling from station to station,

With his uncle Arthur and the laughing gnome.

He’s escaped the scary monsters and the super-creeps.

Ashes to ashes this stardust talent,

This thin white duke.

Artist, poet, writer, trend setter, actor, experimentalist.

Ch-ch-ch-changes will break our hearts.

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A box of mini soldiers, some dice and Sean Bean

There was thunder over Europe,

At the wargames club,

as the cannons blazed and shed.

Mass lines of plastic/pewter fighting men

by those great leaders led,

marched on brave with discipline.

Hordes of galloping colours

sabres shining bright,

grateful to enamel paints and varnish,

a bugle charge and forward

brigades heavy and light.

Just make it up as we go.

We all...

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Napoleonic warsSean BeanTennysontoy soldierswargames

After the flood in the Lakes

Grey as slate,

strewn about with flotsam and jetsam.

Perpetual twilight.

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The Long Player

Here is old poem idea I've had for ages about favourite album titles and the feelings that the music of each inspired in me at the time.  My old vinyl records - nostalgia.  You've got to guess the artists.  It's not laid out in a poem style fro a reason, and that's becasue a design friend of mine some years ago formatted (God knows how) into a circular text shaped as an LP.  It just needed a lable...

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Breaking up is never easy I know, but I have to...........

Sadness in the eyes of such a sweet angel,

Yet darkness upholds its chilling shadows.


What has become of her?


For 5 years we stuck it out

Sagittarius reigned above.


Her lips show some promise,

Contented smiles ... perhaps, she will love again.


And the birds fly south with whispers of a melancholy.

That was the image you liked.  Gothic.


©David Add...

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Just another cover up

2 minutes past midnight,

a shooting star falls,

Piercing the star spangled heaven,

Or you'd like to think it was.

And now your monarch spread eagle,

Is it for peace and mankind in its cost,

That it took to get it up there on that silver dusty surface?

Or did you really go?

And if not -

Then where did all that money go?


It's just gone 3 minutes past midnight,


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