Cracked Pot and Scuffed Pan

Shall I compare thee to someone that I'd like to be?

Should I, compare thee on this summer's day?

I think not, comparisons are dangerous you see,

Unless I compare myself with who I was yesterday,

The cracked pot and scuffed pan that make my soul,

Are mine to mend and polish alone,

And every fissure I've fixed, and scuff I've scrubbed until it's shone,

Have left me a little better than if I had done none,

So no, I will not compare myself to any gone before,

Nor any that daily travel the road along my way,

I will content myself with one question and no more,

Am I a little better than I was yesterday?

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Don Matthews

Wed 18th Dec 2019 03:33

Jason says should check myself
Each day, have I improved?
I just seem to get sillier
As each day goes, it proves

😎 I'm doomed....

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 18th Dec 2019 02:33

Thanks chaps, it is true, comparing yourself to others is a fools errand, but I do think that you should compare yourself to who you were yesterday, just to check if you're a little bit better or wiser.

J. x

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Martin Elder

Mon 16th Dec 2019 22:04

Very nicely put Jason
Nice one mate

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Don Matthews

Mon 16th Dec 2019 21:58

So good Jason......your usual well thought out quality....

Alone/shone superb eye-rhyming....brought me up with a jerk

Got heapsa friends on Facebook
I wanna be like them
Gotta way long way to go
I'll get there in the 'en


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Paul Sayer

Mon 16th Dec 2019 21:02

One day at a time J, one day at a time.

Always making sure that there is time for you!

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Brian Maryon

Mon 16th Dec 2019 19:52

Quite profound Jason comparing oneself to others leads to feelings of superiority or inadequacy. Better to be in competition with yourself...bit like golf really.

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