I Am a Naughty Ditty

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I Am a Naughty Ditty


I am a naughty ditty

I joined the saucy crowd

Drove moderators round the bend

For speaking up too loud


To pay for my transgressions

They'll dig me deep (a grave)

At midnight they will Archive me

Because I can't behave



Eth? I can't help it......I'm tearing up.....


Don't fret pet.....You can still dig it up.....


It won't rot away in it's Archive grave......


I can do that Eth?....I don't need a license to dig up WOL graves?


Just sit on the Archive button under the poet pet and the grave top will pop open......


But this ditty has been naughty Eth. ….Will I upset the moderators exhuming it?


Dunno luv....give it a try.......



Don Matthews 31 December 2019

(last poem of 2019 to be archived)

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Don Matthews

Wed 1st Jan 2020 04:42

Don't fall off coaster laughing loud
Can't get insurance, why? becos
Companies they want to see
Something real before they toss.....

Money 'way on coaster falls
Whether low or whether tall
Tried to tell them we are real
"No-can-see", if so, reveal



Wed 1st Jan 2020 04:05

Hey Don, you managed not be put to doom....moderators were in high spirits of new years boom.....much of your works are funny....and lends a smile or two, many of your art pieces makes us fall off laughing loud.

Happy 2020!!

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Don Matthews

Tue 31st Dec 2019 21:53


Benny Hill was very rude
Sure upset the die-hard prude
But his cheeky smile you bet
We will never ere forget


I do agree I'm silly
Silly as a wheel
I went to School of Silliness
(Same as Spike...he duxed School.....I managed Pass 3..)


Hello? what's that?......

The ghost of your archived ditty haunting you.....

Trust you to give it ideas Po......


I'm not even going to try and top this. Remember to tell me where I can buy your cracker ideas when they come on the market

Thanks for the likes all. Interesting the mods had nothing to say. I must still be in the good books


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Tue 31st Dec 2019 19:45

Don you are a silly boy
Poems like us, cannot die
Living on for all to see
If its good poetry.

Just recall poet’s past
Their last poem for certain
was not their last

Poets rehash
What has been written
In the past
If you listen

Your poetic antics
and past repose
will ensure
we’ll remember those

that you penned
with much aplomb
will live on
beyond archives tomb

(Haunting you forever)

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 31st Dec 2019 19:00

Being naughty - like being rude,
Can offend the die-hard prude
But if they inform and/or entertain
Most, i'm confident, will remain 😇

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Ruth O'Reilly

Tue 31st Dec 2019 10:06

Where do time travelling bees live? In archives... Just made that up...a Christmas cracker writer sideline beckons 😁

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