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Governed by a Two-Edged Knife

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Governed by a Two-Edged Knife


(There is an urgent need to raise awareness of mental health issues in the community. No longer can they be swept under the carpet out of sight and out of mind. I would normally present this first in the Mental Health Unit of the Like-Minders Society Theme Park. Something said post it on the WOL site now)



I'm governed by a two-edged knife

A demon – friend and foe

You ask how is this possible?

How can this be? How so?


My demon is bipolar

Mania (two-edged knife)

One edge is razor sharp for good

The other sharp for strife


My demon when it is a friend

Helps me to write, create

But when it rises up as foe

(I to the GP go)


My mind it works in strange-like ways

At times can't work it out?

Like in the last verse (humour flip)

Is this an insane route?


Don't worry two-edged poet

Your family, friends, GP

All help you stay on knife-edge good

All of them, yes, all three


So if you own a knife like me

You'll know just how it feels

I hope your medications work

And help your life to heal



BIPOLAR DISORDER – Imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Born with it. No cure. Extreme mood swings. Controlled with medications. Often very creative. Spike Milligan, Robin Williams (suicide), Vincent Van Gogh, Ernest Hemingway (suicide), Virginia Woolf (suicide), Mariah Carey, Brian Wilson, Jimmi Hendrix, Stephen Fry “There are times when I'm doing QI and I'm going 'Ha ha, yeah, yeah' and inside I'm going 'I want to die,”


Bipolars need just three things – understanding, accepting and supporting.


Don Matthews December 2019

mental health awareness

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Don Matthews

Mon 23rd Dec 2019 06:40

Thankyou all for your comments and likes. They encourage me to stay on the good edge of my knife.......

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Don Matthews

Mon 23rd Dec 2019 06:37

We have real nice Spaniards here
They use their garden rollers
For doing job it's meant for
Flattening out dumb WOLers

I shout lotsa beers. They search out other WOLers......


<Deleted User> (18980)

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 21:51

A Spaniard said hola
to a man with bi-polar
as he ran him down
with a garden roller

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Don Matthews

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 21:12

Mind? You hear what MC said
Don't matter where you are
You make them happy with your stuff
(10,000 miles? Not far....)

Ain't technology grand....


Clever verse MC....

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 14:42

Don -
Whether up with the angels
Or down with the devils,
Let your mind never mind
As it gives pleasure at all levels!
Merry Christmas to you "down under"...but rarely, it seems, either "down" or "under" in your blogs. Keep at it!


Sun 22nd Dec 2019 14:08

Too much seriousness gets boring.....silliness makes us happy and smiling. Thanks Donny dear!!

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Don Matthews

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 13:55

I gotta get it out
Up and on a page
Life is catching up on me
I'm reaching ripe old age

Pen you are my knife, my sword
Dig deep and bring it out
Scribe it on the page for all
Tell all what I'm 'bout

I want to leave some legacy
How I spent my time
Making WOLer Coasters
And poetry sublime

Come my pen and show all
What poet I can do
I'm just a lowly one you know
Riding kangaroos

(See how 'silly' my mind gets sometimes. Thalia's giggling. Do and Ruth are smiling. I'm sure Po's smiling behind his mask. You're making them happy, mind. That's important. Keep writing......)

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Ruth O'Reilly

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 12:59

Your pen will always be your greatest sword whether in writing poetry or just getting a few things out of your head and on to a page

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Don Matthews

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 12:43

Interested in my silliness.

I attended the School of Silliness. Was a few years behind Spike Milligan, I got Pass Grade 3, He topped the School. (Went on to make lotsa money. I'm still destitute)

Make a bit of pocket money constructing theme parks and rollercoasters. Puts food on the table and tit-bits for Fido. Be thankful for small mercies I say. Fido agrees,,,saying woof......



Sun 22nd Dec 2019 12:20

Interested in roller coasters?

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Don Matthews

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 11:46

I will be here always Do. For anyone who cares to take an interest.....if you know what I mean.


Sun 22nd Dec 2019 09:28

Donny Dear, have no fear, whether your health is two edged or single edged are a poet great making us fall with laughter and giggles we slide forth our beds and chairs, like humpty dumpty we have a laughter fall....
Don is a jack and ben (not jill) at times, that's what he feels, cz of mood swings and some psycho analysis.... We love you with your swings and wings and together we enjoy the joyous strings.
You have supported us at such times when life turned a gloomy cry, your poems and comments uplifted our spirits really high...we need you, hope you know that. We miss you, hope you realize that. Hope you will always be there for us, supporting us....for your support is all I actually have.
I need you...hope you will alwaysbe there.

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