I Was Wrong

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I Was Wrong


(We have just experienced a record heatwave week. It reached 49 at one outback town and bitumen on the road began to melt. Where I live reached 46. I'm now typing this in the comfort of a cool change which came in overnight)



I told some other poets

Our fires were interstate

Just opened up my paper

To local devestate


Fires were burning madly

Not far away from me

One house in middle township

Inferno (there to see)


My own air like an oven

Leaves crinkled up, gone dry

Is this to do with climate change?

I guess Nature knows why


Climate goes in cycles

But Man has made things worse

Industrial Revolution

A blessing or a curse?


I think I know the answer

Man now has to repair

Damage caused to Nature

It's land, it's sea. it's air


(You will need to click on the link below to a newspaper video. Verse below relates to the video)


Nature wreaking havoc

With it's wind and fire

Nature using nature

For a funeral pyre




Don Matthews December 2019

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 24th Dec 2019 13:16

I have said - clearly I would have thought - that denial is incorrect.
I have no argument with the existence of climate change but
sought to introduce some rational thinking in the wider spectrum.
The absence of any detailed information on the effects of the ongoing natural phenomena that occurs around the globe OR the
undoubted major influence of solar activity on the atmosphere is noteworthy, when NASA reports solar flares "the size of Texas"
erupting from our planet's essential life-giver. As for the subject of
the ozone hole, anyone being around then would know that it was
the precursor of today's "climate change" crusade, so I do not
understand its easy dismissal as somehow irrelevant. Perhaps
is also no recall of "methane" being a problem either?!
Cleaning up our act was mentioned by me and I stand by that
observation, not least because it includes accepted restraint on
whatever is serving to accelerate harmful effects on the atmosphere whether that be fossil fuels or other noxious
substances. Is that clear enough?
Scientists are not gods. least of all when there is NOT a consensus. The late David Bellamy incurred righteous wrath
(and he wasn't alone) for his concerns in his own later lifetime.
I will wait for answers to my questions previously posed - but
"answers came there none" seems to be the response. The
subject is indeed important...too important to be the servant
of zealots of whatever stripe.

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Tim Ellis

Tue 24th Dec 2019 09:46

M.C., if this weren’t such a serious issue your denial that you are in denial about climate change would be funny. You follow it up with a barely coherent ramble where you try to change the subject to CFCs and the ozone hole, which I’m sure you are intelligent enough to know has nothing to do with climate change, and then you cast aspersions on a courageous 16 year old girl. You should be ashamed. If you are not in denial, acknowledge what is going on around you - most visibly in Australia at the moment - and what is the consensus opinion of all the world’s leading climate scientists: that the world’s climate is rapidly heating up and the principal cause is the burning of fossil fuels.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 23rd Dec 2019 11:50

Denial is incorrect. Ironically, Australia is a primary exporter of
coal. But I'm old enough to remember the initial reports of this
ongoing crusade, starting with the reports of the "expanding"
ozone hole above the Antarctic, about as distant from the effect
of human industry as can be imagined - blamed on CFCs from
refrigerators. No reference to the extensive volcanic emissions in the area or elsewhere, or their presence beneath and above the sea across the world. Things have gathered pace since with the
global media involved - always keen to extend its reach and
influence. Its current fascination with young Greta Thunberg is a
good example: note the total absence of any information about
just who is funding her travels and her absences from school as
spreads the word. That omission can only engender questions in
balanced thinking. And that brings to mind a warning of yesteryear
- to follow the money. When billions are earmarked for the
"fight", it is rational to enquire about the hows, whys and whos.
By all means let us do ALL we can to clean up our act - wherever
we live - but let us keep our heads. By the way, the ozone hole
above the Antarctic has shrunk again - says NASA. The how and
why aren't explained. .
Happy New Year to us all !

<Deleted User> (18980)

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 20:25

Let's face it, without coal the UK would not be where it is today. And we would probably have frozen to death.

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Tim Ellis

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 17:50

M.C., you sound as if you are still in denial about the burning of fossil fuels being the principal cause of climate change.

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Don Matthews

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 07:11

Thankyou all for your comments. I am now basking in the cool......

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 01:52

The lightning factor has to be considered, of course. Along with the
other effects of the sun on the goings-on in the atmosphere - not
least its part in the great storms over the oceans as rising heat and
cold have a face-off that sees the tumultuous turbulence arrive to
create forces that make nuclear weapons appear puny. I note
that the UK Liberal Democrats were talking of placing £100 billion towards dealing with climate change. Notwithstanding such
financial implications, it would hardly be possible to use it to
control actions taking place on the surface of the sun that are
the most profound causes of activity (not forgetting volcanic eruptions around the world and BM's observation about a rapidly increasing population) affecting the global climate on a day to day basis. It is reported that disease kills more than all the conflicts in history and perhaps in itself has served as a controlling factor
till now. I say "till now" as the West has produced medical
advances that have reduced disease drastically and perhaps
this is a double-edged sword for the future of humanity and the
future of the world it depends on for survival.

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Don Matthews

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 01:23

Interesting MC

Just read in the paper dry lightening strikes caused most. Weather conditions, land terrain? I'm not an expert in these matters.

Cause of another fire was spark from a motor accident.....

Was a massive effort by 10,000 volunteer firefighters. Sadly one dead. This is just the tip of the iceberg our leader says. Makes you wonder what's ahead......

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 22nd Dec 2019 01:04

I have looked in vain for the established report of the actual cause of
these fires at this particular time of the year in Australia. The rapid
spread resembles those in California, a coincidence that seems
to chime with human carelessness, exacerbated by a combination of
nature's responses; heat, wind and an excess of available inflammable tinder. Ironically, desert areas around the globe that
have long epitomised excessive heat and wind aridity do not face the
same burn/risk factor that has arrived at these forested locations with
such damaging results..

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Tim Ellis

Sat 21st Dec 2019 13:33

My thoughts this Christmas are with everyone I know in Australia suffering due to the climate catastrophe. The world has to get together and deal with this problem right away, not argue about who pays what and who has a right to extract and burn even more fossil fuels. Nobody does!

<Deleted User> (18980)

Sat 21st Dec 2019 13:21

Almost no-one mentions overpopulation when talking about climate change (I know you do Don) but it has to be a major cause. Quadruple the world's population over a relatively short timescale and you quadruple the demand for fuels and you quadruple the pollution etc etc

The major religions of the world actively encourage their followers to produce more and more children, not least to outbreed their rivals.


Sat 21st Dec 2019 09:21

Seriously concerned about the situation you face out there where family members also live but as yet not in the affected zone. We get awful updates too not only about the humankind caught up in it all but the wildlife too. Healing thoughts to all. P. 😓

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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Dec 2019 08:22

I never make silly comments about serious comments and serious poems Po. If I feel the tension needs breaking with some humour I might do so if you understand what I mean....

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