Come. Let's swim.

Resting – a respite from time that doesn't stop.

Breathing – reintegrating the first principle.

Sober – unchanged mind.

Entranced in my subjective palace, polished in the finest way.

Pristine – untouched – complete; a temple preserved only in mind.


Insight trapped by absence of motivation.

A mind blurred between black and white.

A grey figure dancing in the mist.

A beckon from within – sanctity cherished by many; found by few.


Beautiful swans resting at my side – ripples bouncing.

Let them be. Appreciate the sight – for you are breathing.

You are clear; here and now.

Cherish what you have!

Instigate the necessary!

Call forth the positive change you see! The whispers from within.

The voice that travels over the ear and under the soul.

Find the light – stretch the fingers, for you are blessed.

Reeling intuition – channel the word before it goes.

Observe the answer; notice the patterns.

Let the healing take place.

Let it in.



You've been exposed to the wind so long that you've grown to love the cold.

I see the fine within. I'm down in your depth. Come; let's swim.

We'll get lost. It's inevitable. Relax. Pay attention.

Twisting: turning – forward is backward – yesterday never was.


My tragic belief in my missing piece is what holds me back.

Seen everywhere in abundance – where is it in me?

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