'Twas the night before Christmas

Bobby was sat on a bench feeling very sad,

With holes in his shoes and very poorly clad.

It was three years since his dad had died,

The family of five struggled,but his mum  cared and really really tried.


She worked nights at the hospital,her wage didn't go very far,

They lived on the breadline.walked everywhere didn't have a car.

His three sisters had made their mum a gift each,

Bobby walked from shop to shop,everything was beautiful but way out of reach.


It was getting dark,downhearted Bobby made his way home,

Suddenly his eyes caught a glimmer of a coin right next to a gnome.

A warmth spread through his body as he walked into a shop quite bold,

But when they told him 10p wouldn't buy anything ,he quickly turned cold.

The six year old didn't give up and into a florist he goes,

"Please sir, do you think this 10p will buy my mum a single red rose?"


Suddenly the shopkeeper  into the back did go.

And reappeared with a dozen red roses wrapped in a bow.

"That will be 10p young lad,"said the shopkeeper reaching out his hand.

Bobby gave him the money as into a pool of good fortune he did land.


"Have a very Merry Christmas young lad,"said the shopkeeper while holding the door.

The same to you kind sir,"said Bobby,"and many many more."

The shopkeeper and his wife hugged each other tightly as they stepped out into the very cold air,

But they were warm and happy inside ,as the joys of Christmas with Bobby they did share.





◄ A tribute to Sara Britcliffe our new M.P. A baby of the house,only 24 !

Homeless,for a key and a door I continuously pray ! ►


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Paul Sayer

Thu 26th Dec 2019 16:01

A great Christmas poem

Shedding light where there was only darkness

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