Weekly Sessions

Slowly she enters the room and approaches the bed

She’s not feeling too keen on much else than having poetry read.


She opens the book,

Scans the room,

And gives you the look

To proceed.


Your breathless monologues are what she needs.

She’s not looking for more,

Only for your words.


Your voice begins to trigger sensations down below

As she closes her eyes,

Breathes deep,

And sighs.


Your words soothe the tension

As each word is given careful attention.

Knowing how each one caresses her mind

Seizing on the opportunity

To the revealing of her true beauty.

This is your one chance for unity.


She is captured by your guise.

You firmly believe the efforts are worthwhile.

The feeling is mutual

And catching you both by surprise.


You rise,

She’s reached her peak.

There are no more words left to speak.

The mind is tired and the body is weak.

You lean in and say, ‘I guess I’ll be seeing you next week.’

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Wed 1st Jan 2020 04:39

That’s the power of poetry! 🔥

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Thu 19th Dec 2019 11:52

Thanks, all for the comments and likes. Glad it tickled your fancy. 😊

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Thu 19th Dec 2019 10:55

Fantastic writing Mika. Says exactly just enough. Now, this is the sort of poetry reading I’d like to attend 😃 Thanks for sharing. T


Thu 19th Dec 2019 10:10

😊 ☺ 💕

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Don Matthews

Thu 19th Dec 2019 07:10

Golly gosh Mika! From ants to this! Sheesh!.....

Now you need to get to know me and take me the right way. If I see a glimmer of bait for my sort of humour I'll bite. No offence to you or your poems meant. OK?


Yes luv?......

Maybe if you read me some poetry I might rise to the occasion?....Worth a try?.

It'd need to be racy in the extreme to make you even quiver luv.......

Just a thought......

Hey Eth? Read me some of that offbeat guys stuff. I know it won't stiffen me up but it might fix the vertigo...

Dunno...worth a try luv

What do you suggest?.......

Will have to consult the person who created you......

God? You completely baffle me at times Eth.....


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