Learning Haiku – Important Point

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Learning Haiku – Important Point


5-7-5 is haiku, yes?

Yep, how doody doo

So if it's not in haiku form?

Don't title 'Haiku 2'


(Or 3,or 4, or 5....)



My Haiku Number 4 by Billy


This is haiku 4

Comes between my 3 and 5

Fingers helped me count


Very good Billy.  You're improving in leaps and bounds.

Thankyou Mister Don.  I'm practising to be a haiku master like you Mister Don.

Keep practising with your fingers Billy.  Most important. I spent years doing this.

Off you go now

One, two, three, four, one two, three, four.......


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Don Matthews

Sun 1st Dec 2019 05:56

We should invite Billy to the Deep Thinking Haiku Centre at the Like-Minders Theme Park Thale. One of our popular rollercoaster attractions

This piece was first viewed in the LMS Theme Park.

If you would like to inject some fun into your poetry life the Like-Minders Society (currently 15 WOLers) offers this. We are not affiliated with the Dead Poets Society. We are very much alive. If you are interested in joining contact our leader (Poet Don) at our office during business hours 9am-11pm UK time. No riff raff or doomy gloomers. (Lucy L LMS Head of Publicity)


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