Baby In A Shoe Box


Baby in a shoe box

left in a dumpster

behind the grocery store

weak but alive

barely breathing


found by a tramp

looking for stale bread

now he has a baby

in a shoe box


who left it and why?

someone hoped

it would not be found

a burden

that could not be dealt with

the mother changed her mind

had second thoughts

the father distant

uninvolved and irresponsible


left for hours

left for dead

but now the miracle baby

will get new life

but will never know its real mother

or dad


perhaps it is best

to never know


such people

can exist.

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Mon 30th Dec 2019 12:44

I like the intensity. What was the drive behind this piece, if you don't mind me asking 😃


Mon 30th Dec 2019 12:03

Birth is the ultimate Miracle.

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