Stand Up

Sometimes the bravest thing you do is just stand up.

When life's loaded you up with all the despair you can carry,

And you knees buckle under the weight,

To the point where you can't stand up straight,

Or even stand up at all, stand up.

When it's the equivallent of some huge monster standing over you,

Telling you, "If you dare get up off the floor,

You're just gonna get some more,

So stay down or I'm gonna batter you all round town!"

Stand up!

Or when the doubters tell you, "You're not good enough,

And you best stay down 'cos life up here is tough,"

"Don't speak up, you're too meek,"

But you know the difference between humility and being weak,

Stand up.

Stand on your own two feet and master your despair,

Tell the bullies and the monsters, "you can keep knocking me down, I don't care,"

And show all the doubters busy shouting out that you're not enough,

That they can all go fuck themselves because even moreso than them you know life is tough,

But the more they shout at you to, "Just give it up,"

The more motivated you are to stand up.

Stand up straight and approach the world honestly,

Let it see that while you might not always get right, you'll face it honourably,

Wear your weaknesses and fears like a pin badge on your lapel,

Stand up in the face of adversity, in the mouth of hell,

Because by continually rising to your feet before them all, they can see,

The true level of your indomitability



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Jason Bayliss

Mon 16th Dec 2019 19:06

Thanks Po and thanks Dorothy, I'm glad you liked it.

J. x

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Paul Sayer

Fri 13th Dec 2019 17:42

Great sentiment.

Reminds of that great poet and singer, song writer Labi Siffre

Great Poem Jason, well done.


Fri 13th Dec 2019 13:25

This piece motivated me to write peace n hope....thanks for this beautiful piece!!💐

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