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I want just us to be!!

I love you

This is the only truth

I want us to be

That is what my heart feels

So don't play with me

Just sink it in

Let things be

I just want us to be

It's my only prayer

So don't mess with it

Just settle all affair

Dark or light

Black or white

Sad or happy

Everything belongs us to be

Life or death

Freedom or not

Till my last breath

I want just us to be

Zig zag or straight

Uphill or downhill

Swings or twists

I just want us to be

You are my priority 

My love, my moon

I ain't going back

I won't stop here

So don't break me

Don't lie to me

Spread your arms

I wanna just us to be

My haven and peace

My only love to be

I want just us to be

I want just us to be

◄ I need!!!

Let's get started!! ►



Sat 22nd Feb 2020 16:42

I didn't understand that Tommy dear!!!

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 31st Dec 2019 17:25

Do brisse fav mollt yappew!

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