One thing turns to another thing.

This is the story of continuous change

Nothing remains the same. 

The sum Is always greater than the parts

And a metamorphosis of hearts

Occurs when we know that

Differential calculus

Plots the rates

At which things change.

However, the total always remains the same.

E = mc2. 

Energy equals mass 

Times the speed of light squared.

Energy and mass matter

Because nothing remains the same.

Does it matter that dark matter 

Makes up  85% of the universe? 

Galaxies would tear themselves apart

Without the gravitational pull of invisible dark matter.

Visible matter makes up all the stars and all the galaxies

Yet only accounts for 5% of the content of the universe! 

Plus il change, plus il reste le même.


Image of equations quantum

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Don Matthews

Tue 31st Dec 2019 22:20

I appreciated the link John. Thankyou. If I can borrow one of the comments:

'Both blazing meteors in a world of mediocrity'

Its a bit like eccentrics. In UK they are treasured. In Aus eccentrics and tall poppies are flattened. I'm living in the wrong country.

Oh BTW Bert, having nothing to do, and only 5 fingers to help him, came up with 2 for 1s and the same for 2s.. Ethel, having done a bit of Googling on atomic energy levels told him he was correct. If he had persisted with 2p 6 would have been correct. Ethel is now teaching him to increase his mathematical ability by using a 6th finger.

Which hand is that on Eth?......right or left)......


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John Marks

Tue 31st Dec 2019 21:46

Don. Is it the heat? Anyroad, a happy new year to you and yourn.

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Don Matthews

Mon 30th Dec 2019 22:06


My friend Bert (who only went as far as kindy, where he learnt to count to 5 on his fingers) informs me that after many hours of hard finger-work lazing on his lounger he came up with an answer for (2p) of 2. Is this correct? At one stage he got in such a tizz as his calculations took him beyond 5.....a quick nap seemed to re-boot his brain.....


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