Dying Hope

There are no Holy rains to wash away the filth
Too many reaching flames lying deep within
No prayer to pray or star to shine
To clean the world’s stain of mortal sin

My own pristine wings, they’re corrupted,
weighting as if I carry a thousand boats
Demon dancing about me, laughing,
pouring their poison down my parched throat

Far are the thoughts of any utopia,
only false masks that monsters hide
Bile falls past their sharpened fangs
They continue to grow and thrive

In this fallen land, Hope abandoned ship,
Trust gave up halfway through,
Strength was pierced by diamond spears,
and innocence remains with so few

Sin, no longer a temptation but simple fact
Prayers and shooting stars, only a myth
The land is consumed in blazing inferno
and heavens lakes have all dried herewith

Our land was pillaged before our eyes,
a loss that still echos the screams
Here it seems the devil spawn rules us
and their race now reign supreme

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Thu 19th Dec 2019 22:12

Hope stands eternal

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Thu 19th Dec 2019 22:11

Dom I admire your passion... unquenched passion, with a flair to inspire hope... or shine a light on the darkest of places.

United we stand, divided we fall... stand together for the good of all.

Evil prevails if and only if we allow it, or ignore it, because it really is a perilous route to wander alone.

Join with others who arm themselves with real weapons of war.

There is a very very old adage "The pen is mightier than the sword" Seek other like minded poets and add to the collective of light bringers. (Not to be confused with 'Lucifer' the light bringer!) in any way shape or from.

Realise the power you have Dominique.

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