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Acceptance of a drab day

The heavens unload their liquid cargo's 

as the suns desertion begins

and the wind cries of whatever wildness it wants to be


I am standing in the kind of light

that I have no love for while trying

to keep its effects within civilised limits


in this natural kingdom of indecisive aftermaths

from which the feeling of uncertainty takes its camouflage

I rely on inner c...

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Also by Bethany Sallis:

With my peaceful weapon | Ace of the spade |


Georgia, when submitting digital driver's license pictures

Please wear clothes when due

The word mirror should be the only time

We use phrase, rear view

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Also by Short Attention Span Poetry:



A DAY IN THE MIND (5 scenes seen on a day trip)

the singer on the train track record
is number one in my book
                                          while i am zero

i am the sheep
with a bruised blossom
bus ticket
busking knee deep
on highway sixty-one.

i am the pensioner
wearing musky deodorant spray
playing crossword puzzles
on blue foldout pages
of recycle bin salvaged papers.

i am the waterlily
cut with culinary s...

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Also by Rob Cohen:

Dreams of Kyanite Crystal Eyes | a somewhat sensual vision on Margate Street : Sunday, 11th | propaganda is a hoax // to sell you insurance | ((Dante themed, Dylan styled)) Protest Song |


as I wonder

what became of you

I ask the question

of myself


time’s knife carving out

a stingy portion of my heart

leaving me with

a bit of meat and fat


years wiped off the blade

polished surface

I still recognize my reflection

still insouciant


it sounds better

in French

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

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"The Yellow Castle by the Waterfront"

Have you seen the yellow Castle by the Waterfront? Oh my.. It is wonderful! From the brick structure to the barbican, I stand in front of royaltys presence, As I walk parallel to the yellow beguiling Castle I maintain my vigilance, We may never understand the Norman quest, The doors are always shut, How could I find credence in the king or queen, I can't believe we inherently find relief in the hi...

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Also by Michael Morales:

“Too much to bare” |

Mother's Children

Beds forgone,
In bed's reframe,
In God's veins.

In blessing arms,
The child falters,
Yet surreal besides God's alters.

And for me,
And for desecrated decree.

I hold onto hands of small children,
I am the hand of small children,
Not the inside out flesh toddler dead agony to me.

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Also by Alita Moore:

transient blue | Relived Dying | Faggot |

Why to this court this case you did bring ?

My friend was taken to court by her neigbhour next door,

The neigbhour complained her dog's constant barking he did abhor.

My friend's dog's  constant barking she adamently did deny,

The judge asked the neighbour a question,he did not reply.


The neigbhour stood up,"Is it me your speaking to,I can't hear a thing ?"

The case was dismissed.Why to this court this case you did bring...

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Also by hugh:

"I wear my hijab as an act of purity and modesty." | The formation of a family | What’s coming next ? | A big thankyou to our Creator |

My life on track

My early life relied so much on trains,

to catch just one to write about’s a problem!

Too many have been subject to delays 

or cancelled altogether, to applaud them:


the “bogs” I took to school were crammed and smelly;

my backpacker travels, the aura no more fresh;

a record seven hour wait once, in New Delhi;

I almost got killed on the Tangier-Marrakesh…


But overa...

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Blue as forget-me-not blue
Blue as an Alaskan blueberry
Blue as an English May morn
April egg shell blue.

Endurance is a flower
A bulb in winter’s depth
A rare-repeated wonder:
A sin we must forget.

In this-world-of-my-creation
In this world-of-make-believe:
Cancer, the death of children,
Are fallen autumn leaves.

I see this road before me
A road I walk in vain
A road throu...

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My current mood. 🙄


Somewhere in my mind
There is a place where life is kind
It is my favourite place to be
For I think it’s where I feel most free
In my minds eye, birds fly
The sky is blue
And the people few
Flowers bloom
In the mountain dew
Lakes and waterfalls
Erase any thoughts of gloom
Daisies tickle at my toes
Scent of mimosa
Assaults my nose

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Writers block

The hardest part is turning life’s pages

Gazing at an empty canvas of uncertainty

Failing to form words of solace and structure

We always know where to end

But how do we know where to begin



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Also by Cody Roach:

Rain | Where did we go wrong? | Leech | Dancing with the devil | Heartbreak |


(Image is l-r me aged 6, Dad, a local window cleaner in Dubrovnik in former Yugoslavia, 1985)


Glass you see is in my family tree

Though in the print by trade,  how the bills got paid, my Dad went window cleaning

That’s how I remember him with bucket and scrim

Dad kept those windows gleaming

Throughout the land with bucket in hand, my Dad was fit as a fiddle

Up high he would ...

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Also by Lee Campbell:

Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells |

Returning home on the Flying Scotsman 1983

Wrapped securely within your liveried green

Refined golden-arched nameplate highlights your pedigree,

London North Eastern returning home

Non-stop, Kings Cross to Diesel City

Clackety Click, Clackety Click, Clackety Click

Passing by Highbury, the Arsenal

through the long Potters Bar tunnel

Where pressure causes your ears to pop

Travelling quicker northward, abandoning the ‘...

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Also by JD Russell:

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#reflected nostalgia

Cycling Through the Cyclonic Impact

Clouds gathering up in the sky, 

Collected water rumbling up high

Begins to drop slow and sturdy-straight. 

Legs on the peddles, riding through the puddles, 

He ought to get back home before the hurdles.

His siblings scribbling in his notes and art book, 

Mother waiting for the meat curry to cook. 


The horrendous winds and torrential rains 

Blocking his rear view and t...

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The Escape Committee

At the inaugural meeting

Of my mother’s Care Home

One-Day Escape Committee,

Just two stragglers gathered,

At a sun-drenched table

Outside the Old Lodge,

With a coffee and a chocolate cake,

Pure brown nectar and some sugary stodge!

We’d escaped the Community Lounge malaise!


Item One:  Inordinate praise.

“Mum, you’re amazing!  I’m so proud of you!”

This wasn’t e...

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As kids, enjoying usual larks,

We fell on floors and grazed our knees,

And came a cropper climbing trees.

Slingshots and conkers tied to strings

Were weapons made from our own hands;

We fought in playgrounds and on swings.


Now we are adult and fight wars,

But our manoeuvres stay the same.

There are high stakes in our new game,

It’s true, and more expensive toys,


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Also by Stephen Gospage:

AI | Whoops! | Days of Sorrow | War Graves | Retreat | Purfleet | Monarchs |




The worst kind of thief is this.
Crept up and stole our last kiss.
Footsteps it took, silent and sly.
Stole from me our last goodbye.

Alarm bells, they did not ring.
If they did, I didn't hear a thing.
It ran off, with most of my mind.
The cruellest thief you'll ever find.

Broke into my heart, stole the lot.
Flashes of the past, is all I've got.
In those flashes, I see many a fa...

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Painting with Words


The color blue,

a hue,

to feel the sky.

The color green,

to see,

the beauty all around.

The color red,

looking ahead,

things are getting better.

The color black, 

I got your back,

no worries at all.

The color white,

there is light

at the end of the tunnel.

The color yellow,

keeping it mellow,

letting it all go.

A kaleidoscope,

ever cha...

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i'll make my problem everyone's problem 

return the tally hos and swap them out for ventis

just to reap the extra 40c from the cashier

she doesn't hide her annoyance and i don't back down 

i don't feel bad 

the man outside asks for some money and i give him what's in my pockets and smoke with him 

what goes around comes around


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Also by Al:

expiry date | (untitled) | u & i |

bad day

Time travel

Going back in time 

An adventure made 

Holding the broken pieces 

Putting them back together 

Only to realise 

Time is reversible 

An endeavor of holy mind 


Pick up all the lost pieces 

Getting the clues right 

It's possible to go backwards 

And put back brokenness 

To make it wholesome 


There were times in the past 

Where our younger self wasn't pr...

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Also by Moonlight:

Reflections 2 |




The idea I heard loud and clear

coming through the quasi-sentient air.


The idea was not my idea.


Still, I liked the idea.


It was all about Freedom and Fairness.


It was to explore my own

capacity for genius and genesis

more than someone else’s for once.


It was about dismantling power,

agglomeration, monopoly.


If I ...

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The pretty, little flower girl

There was a pretty, little flower girl

Many moons ago

She always found the brightest blooms

And sold them down The Row


The Row was full of scurrilous knaves 

Who thought her smile so priceless 

One day they took that smile away 

And left her cold & lifeless 


No man nor beast was ever caught

And flowers bloomed no-more

The Row fell grey with dank decay 


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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

These Boys | Precious Stone |



Carpe diem - seize the day!

For when today has slipped away

And time has taken its wilful pleasure,

Today will be tomorrow's treasure.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


There are no Frontiers

There are no Frontiers


For the poet, the writer, artist and composer,

there are no frontiers, no limits of expression or will.

As the natural world in its beauty is a gift,

so the artist, writer and composer are free.

Their gift is inspiration which dwells in their soul,

an inner vision or voice which yearns for release.

The brush stroke, the pen and the musician,

are ...

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Also by keith jeffries:

Taras Shevchenko | The City of Shadows | Birds of a Feather | La Ermita | Black to Britain | The Subversive Artist | Autocrats | A New King | A Book and its Cover |

Beach Tenant

See him, this Robinson Crusoesque character

less his Man Friday


Jetsam scavenging

collecting piece after washed up piece

of this, that's, whatever's 


and sending up flurry after flurry

of curious raucously screeching gulls in his wake

during his stop, pick up and moving on process


each piece then being loaded onto

his awkwardly balanced, odd wheeled contra...

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Bitter Beer

I used to utter your name delicately 

like it was poetry.

Just as how perfume lingers on a person,

The sweet smell of cherry blossoms 

accompanied your name 

whenever it walked out my mouth.

But now all it leaves,

Is a taste so foul.


Your love was like alcohol to me,

It left me feeling euphoric at first,

But after the effect had worn out,

All I was left with w...

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Also by Oizys:

My Last Act | Words Hidden Beneath Ink | Sweet Sorrow |




A curl of orange peel
falls like a helpless marionette
with each pip deposit the plate rings 
your window frames the young sun 
sweeping a heaving ocean of prose
also through glass arcs of breaking waves 
appear as poetry beyond collection
their shoosh heard all throught the night
never one concerned to get somewhere
you balance some time later
upon volcanic dust by those hooked wav...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Violet Tulloch, Queen Of Lerwick |

Painting a Dream

I dreamt of a meadow under a night sky.

A blanket of red flowers was dancing South.

Through roses, poppies, and cardinal flowers I savoured passion and exuberance, I savoured warmth and energy, I savoured respect and generosity. I named that meadow: “daring and couriosity.”

A blanket of bright yellow flowers was dancing North.

Through daisies, dandelions, daffodils and sunflowers, I sa...

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Also by Matilda Simakaj:

ME AND THE OTHERS | Mother Earth | BE |

Little Hates

They've served me well, and comfortably.
These small, everyday biases and prejudices.
Still, I want to find a way to break away from them.
Away from these little sways
before they become immense.

It's not going to be easy.
They always exact a price,
on myself and others.
I hope I haven't waited too long
and that it's not too late.

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Also by Mike McPeek:

Bon Mot | Redwood Counselors | Secret Panel | Tree Hugger | What May Be Ours |

Never Say Never!!!

Life, a magnificent ride,
Buckle yourself,
And never ask, "Why?",
Paths you'll stumble upon,
The dreams that'll crumble,
Those dark days,
Compelling you astray,
Yet, deep in your heart,
Raging emotions ignite a spark,
Heartbreak, sadness, fear, pain,
Hesitancy to try again?
Wipe those tears, 
Clear your mind,
Calm your heart,
Ready to fight?
Gather in some air,
And then let out,

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Also by Nitika Prabhakar:

Aren't Trees Alive? |


seasons, cry out for us!

theres periods 

of mourning, 

every morning. 

when the seasons change, 

when they days get longer, or shorter. 

i feel a deep dread, a doomed life ahead of me.

no matter how much i begged the maker for the days to change length, 

when they do I can see so far ahead, 

that the ends in sight.

and that end is kind, but cruel. 

so far ahead that the seasons no longer, 


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Also by Nadia Coia:

beautiful because he is |

If there was a rain like such

Oh God, 

If there was a rain like such,

the heart gets purified,

from the charcoal of betrayel,ego, pessimism, hurt,

from the deeds of others or self,

burdening it with the clutter.

washing away the worldly sins and pain,

making it pure and innocent like a baby's soul.

Why life is full of suffering when it can be a fair of joy?

God, smiled and replied

The kindness and...

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Also by Ankita Srivastava:

To Fix or wave goodbye? |

The Old Cock and Hen

Wedding anniversary sixty years on

Let's do what we did

On our very first date

Johnny was up for it

Bright red beetroot face Sharon

Said we can't do that

Ravenous pair of randy rabbits

Dimly lit back of pub

You had your wicked way

O.K let's give it a go

Brenda ear wigging barmaid smiled

Regulars got together, special lock-in

Security cameras set maximum zoom


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rumour landlord has got a home-made video


I had a dream bay it had me and you, two small kids a house on the beach with piece of mind claim sea and blue sky 

In this dream their was no homeless or illness no addiction so the two of us will be free no suffering either 

A dream were love is a cure for all and problems are few and few between 

But as nice as this dream was it was just a dream so till I make it all come through me an...

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Also by Keith Byrne:

Care for you | Oh it's hard | Am Okay | A jobs lot | Me and my job |


(A very overdue piece. )

No inspiration or affection or thought of any kind brushed my path.
I hated it so
I watched the sky melt into a thousand shades of grey, dismal prayers planted in the clouds.
From beneath saturated dreams I wander, dying to leave this world behind.
Is it just the cold or am I only one caught in a sleep state?
My tired eyes hesitate to see the truth, if I ignore the...

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Also by Jordyn Elizabeth:

Pink lemonade | scandalous crime | Wild woman (21.) | sad little soul | Oblivion | darlin you'll be okay | death of a Poet |

Angel Meadow

Scuttler gangs roaming streets

Torrid tales to tell of pain

Suffering, in a hell on earth

back in Victorian Manchester


Air unbelievably polluted, poisoned 

sickening smell dominates the landscape

Row upon row of slum and tenement,

amid gas works and dingy ale houses


Vast areas of warehouse, mill, and chimney stack

protrude throughout the city black

Acrid smo...

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Also by Rick Varden:

Hush! | All that Malarkey | If I Could Paint | Identity Crisis | Age is Only a Number |


I’d gone out on my bike for a quick peddle when I called in at “Guns ‘n’ Roses” for a coffee break.  It’s actually called “Spuds ‘n’ Berries” because it’s a farm shop.  I normally avoid these like the plague as they try to charge you a tenner for a jacket spud that’s been “locally grown”.  Persilanny, I don’t care how far away my spuds have been grown as long as they’ve had a ton of good English c...

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Also by John Coopey:


From: Jaxy To: Love

Expressions of Love: Part VII

Title: From: Jaxy To: Love

Ms. Love,

I've written a million letters and more about my feelings for you. I even once told you I could write a book. While it is not in the traditional way, I'm working on that book. Through poetry, letters, notes, and spoken word I am writing the saga that has been our life to this point. Our story will continue to grow, just ...

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Also by Jason Phillips:

Time | The Night Is Ours | The Honor of a Knight | Hear My Thoughts |

love lettersHappiness


Title: Valley of Doubt


Shadows speak to you in tongues. Even the light of truth yields to the thicket of no trust.


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Also by Michael Angel:

Unsure. |


Looking for a meaning where it loses its grip

These words are yours
And way of noticing is mine
I come to an understanding
As you say it to the one
But how shall one speak of
words have lost their grip on meaning
Like it finding its way in a space
Where it is not even reverberating
With its previous shadow
Painters starts to paint at that full moon
Like it is pointing to the light in the water
Trying a way to caress without sensing

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Also by Kritarth Jaiswal:

Thy art thou |

See it through my eyes!


After my graduation

I walked around and waited for my family to come and find me

And It felt oddly familiar


Standing alone in a crowd 

Where everyone was being 

Embraced and hugged and together


It is an empty feeling

That was the epitome of my high school experience

And I felt like maybe I was not ready for the world just yet


I was scared to begin my life


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Between Ego & Epiphany

Deep down you always know 

And I knew,  

I  could provide for me more than you could

I knew,  

I could protect me more than you could 

And I should, trust  ME more than I did!!!


 I fell for all the talk without seeing a walk.

But now you’re  jaded because I’m walking my talk........right on outta here! 


Don’t think that I’m not sad or disappointed. But I have to s...

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Untitled 6

(music: "Burned letters" - Johannes Bornlöf)

Step into existence

one scared thought at a time

picking vanities to bear with

one uncovered self-deception at a time

living the present to the rhythm of moments pained through

like melodies played out with a passion wavering anew

earning to trespass the emptiness of fear

towards a bright side so seemingly clear

aligned to hor...

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Also by osne:

Forgotten |


It's an old Yànyǔ, 

Says the master to his student 

Relationships are a beautiful task woven 


The student says to the master 

I'm done with all the fixing in relations 


If you are done, my son 

Then that's how important it was for you from the beginning


Relationships needs constant fixing 

You can't fix it all up and think it's constant 

Rather it's a dail...

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Also by Watts:

Tiānhuābǎn |

City-Dwelling, Unwillingly

The plight of the hopeless man

Pleading for patronage at the highway on-ramp

Staggering to his feet, waving a wand in his hand

Forcing it through the ground.

To convince them, to convince himself

He's in a state of desperation.

Stomping his feet 

To an echoless beat;

An earnest declaration muffled by layers of concrete.

No one turns a head,

No one's eyes to meet.


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can someone please help me



i don’t know what to do

i don’t know how feel

can someone please tell me


i don’t know how to act

i don’t know to speak 

i don’t understand new words

i feel like a freak


i don’t know what to do

i don’t know what to feel

can someone please tell me


i can’t control my emotions

i don’t know what i’m feeling

i spend my time alone

aimlessly ...

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Weekly WalkabousVerse, E.G.: Poem 43 of 230:  A BAYSWATER BED-SIT

Poem 43 of 230:  A BAYSWATER BED-SIT

Arrived in London,
    At Heathrow Airport,
With sixty kilos
    Of luggage I'd brought.

Found a paper, Loot,
    And called an agent;
Stored two heavy bags,
    Then to him I went.

For one week of rent,
    He'd ensure a bed
Within Bayswater -
    A bed-sit, he said.

It was eighty pounds
    Per week (nothing more),
With a lift arranged

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The Jester and the new refugee

I met an interesting fellow in the Mountains of Frustration, that remote but beautiful part of northern England, who told me he was a court jester, and proved it with a barrage of jokes and magic tricks, confessing, ‘I like to keep my hand in.’

‘You have a look of a chap I met,’ he said,
‘whose disappearance fascinated the nation,
that of the missing Match Of The Day TV presenter, 
Harry Shoot...

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Also by Kevin Vose:

Little Rob | Bus Stop Love |


I’ll let the waters heavy tide wash over me
But a rip current pulls me out to sea
I remain still in the flow of the water
I float along like an animal being led to slaughter

Adrift in the ocean and in my own emotion now I search for the land
My head a mess and scattered like grains of sand 
The water fills my ears and I hear nothing but a dull hum
The farther I go, the less likely it is t...

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Fragments of a Soul

In pursuit of a better life

I refused to delineate boundaries

No bubble to protect my very essence from being frayed

My soul begins to rupture

Ever so slightly at first but slowly

I start to lose me at my very core

No longer recognising my own reflection

Surrounded by hyenas ready to snuff out my 

goodness at a moments notice

My laughs grow more quiet

The light in my ...

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Bigger than you

You should know better

Than to think you’re alone in this universe

You’ve seen breath come from nothing 

Animals evolve 

More complex than fathomable

Human species shapeshift and roam

With inventions inexplicable 

Grass, water, and life itself

Come to be 

And people like you 

Who all think different

And think they’re the only ones

Don’t assume you’re not connect...

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Also by Katerina Alexandra Parapadakis:

Part of us | One |

CorelistenguidebeliefUnitedkismetwiseknowingSpiritsoulfaithconnectedlifeworlduniverseintrospectionthinkingmysteryalivealiensplanbiggerselfdiscoveryopen mindbig picture

Shirley's Dishes

Shirley's Dishes


She often found herself washing up 

at one in the morning, for she'd never 


allow her guests to help, though did

once let me dry, when he had to go 


to a meeting, for that couldn't be left

till next day either. I wish now I'd


bought her that tea towel for her birthday 

and not the butterfly scarf I decided on


instead. I'm told he...

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Also by Peter J Donnelly:

Interview about my chapbook | Esther Breuer | Meadowsweet | Great-Aunts | Language and Music | Curlew | Just A Few Lines | Despite the Myths | The Other Bennett |


South on the map 

Google maps app 

A city were royalty base

Big Ben the clock 

10 downing Street mob

Fast living then this is your place

The rarest of sounds  

They got underground 

They busk to the beat of the trains

Night foxes roam 

The streets are now home

Upon primrose hill daisy chains

Rappers and chanters 

Camden stall banters 

A plate full the hung...

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Londonlondon Bridgelondon poetry

Almost Famous

I’d love to try fame on for size,

check it’s not something I’d end up wanting to despise.

Happy to start on the bottom rung,

so, I get to see first-hand, how fame gets done.


I’ve been close, I’ve been almost famous,

I once shared a New York cab with Billy Ray Cyrus.*

I know vaguely the muse for Adele,

you know the one she obsessed over that didn’t go so well.



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the best way to find a job

you have to be clear about what you want in life. see a clear picture of your dream, know what you want for real. then you will be able to identify what kind of lifestyle you really want to live. then just identify the kind of job that gives you that lifestyle. that's how you find the right job.

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Digging Holes

They said when I was younger

Automation would be the thing

The robots would do the heavy lifting

While we could play and sing


But now I’m older and the world is greyer

I dunno who’s at the controls

‘Cause the robots are writing poetry

And I’m still digging holes

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what you fear is fear itself

what you fear is fear itself
what you fear is rain itself
what you fear is the rain of destruction
destruction rain down on destruction
fear rain down on fear
destiny come calling
destiny come calling on fear

destiny come calling on rain
fear come calling on fear
desire is worth a lion’s tail
desire is worth a lion’s fear
desire is worth a lion’s destiny
desire is worth a lion’s dest...

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Mixed emotions


Which includes  Australia 

A Pastiche of mainly crap

Sung by earnest singers some are thin and some are fat 

Every one rooting for someone 

 Mainly  of course for their own

Whipping all of us into a frenzy

Of the cultural unknown 


Liverpool , presented the world

A clean arty centre , 

Of playtime, Beatles, Cool Britannia

And now a Ukrainian mentor 


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Also by Edbreathe:

How Bert became King ( or an homage to Stanley Holloway ) | How Bert became King |


When the silence came 

And my breath fell short 

I forgot what it was all for 

I let go of all that was eating me alive 

And within the peace that followed 

Came a voice

So softly spoken

Whispering a reminder

That happiness is found within

The heart is but a gateway

Our passions are the boat

And how we navigate the seas

And guide those lost along the way

Is h...

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Also by Eric Berard:

Wounds. |

Family portraits, snap shots of life

Portraits of you now, portraits of you now, portraits of you, snap shots of life.

I roll up the window, so the dope smoke doesn't linger on the baby's chest, I fix her hair, I stroke her face, I kiss her forehead and, I adjust her vest, don't worry, she's comfortable and clean.

Staring across the rooftops now, and down onto the empty lamp lit streets below, the night has yet to yield the sto...

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True Colours

Looking for the shut down switch.

To stall, stay, revive.

Till the rocks align

And silently turn the tide.


The pace makes all a blur

Wake, live, sleep

The live part is a mess

Still that’s how it goes every week.


Never thought I was an escapist

But life shows my true colours

My truth bows down, fails,

all down to the money in my purse.

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Acropolis (Epilogue)

The Ancient Greeks



          .………… the Sun began to dip upon horizon,

two seated there upon a field now furrowed,

     claimed the breath they had exhaled,

          a field of wheat and barley sewn,

               for a multitudes return,


   a wizened one upon his Son,

smiled upon his friend the Sky,

     as a Column said hello,


     the mead sa...

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Also by ZTK Space:

Acropolis |

Shades of Love

In colors bold and bright, we stand

 Our pride unfurls like a flag in hand

 We celebrate the love we've found 

In a world where acceptance wasn't always around


We're more than labels, more than names 

Our love is valid, it's not a game 

We love who we love, we're not ashamed 

And we'll stand tall, unafraid


Our rainbow shines in the sky 

A symbol of hope, of lov...

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To Sean

When the angels came to take you there was no time for good byes 


I'm sorry if your still here listening to me cry


I know your standing with me as I look up to the sky 


I can almost hear you say to me "bro you need to dry your eyes"


I'm sorry if this news still comes as such suprise


For none of us was ready for your untimely demise 


Still we breathe ...

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Dream Family

Dream Family


A group of two or more persons related by birth, marriage, or adoption who live, [or have lived], together; all such related persons are considered as members of one family.

-Definition according to Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)


We talk about it, but it only counts if we do it – live it,


Give up, then no Family, just people ...

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May 2023 Collage Poem: The Country of Lost Things

Sky diving on the table

Like a swooping peregrine

Kidnapped and held between the jackals

            and vultures at his side


Trying to grow up, I lost my

            youth… I left it on the

sun-dappled wall


I watched the tail-lights of

a ghost ship on Godwin Sands

The cacophony of the engagement party

My heart sank like a rock


A single sex toilet s...

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Stockport WOLMay 2023


The bulrushes sway

with Salome, blessed

by Selene, but 

squandering the benediction

to lace her veils

with serpentine diction, 

susurrating in the breeze,

guarding the tempo 

to her danse macabre, 

while in the distance, 

the hound of Hades

can't help but bark...

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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Calling Card |


Men don’t like to show their feelings,
So they must seem strong and tough.
And they must not show signs of weakness 
And while some are refined, others are rough. 

Men deal with one thing at a time,
As they cannot multi-task. 
And while at times they may need help,
They are then afraid to ask.

Men do not like to return things,
As it’s awkward and a hassle. 
But they love to be king o...

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Stuart VannerMen

A slit on a rock



A burg in a vale, 

Amassed stones and rocks as bulwark,

Assembled stones and rocks as a stack,

Stones and rocks stopping the waters from losing the track. 

Waters thrusting behind the concrete rock,

Forcing the stones and rocks to slack. 


A slit on a rock transpired,showing a way to break,

Waters dripping through the rock with a crack,

Droplets leaked out of ...

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There is Still Time

There is Still Time

to wipe your tongue 
across greying lips
and kiss the world back.

For you are no different than us.
We have all committed the crimes.
Show us a denier and we’ll give you a liar. 

We have judged on the streets, 
on our phones, in their churches.
The sacred was for pillaging. 

But stop now. Look at us 
and we will gaze a return. 
It’s not too late to steal tim...

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Also by Ralph Dartford:

House |

03. Busy Beverley

A family of 15 on busy Beverley

After college street, before Queen street.

Emma was a Queen.

Once a busy street when I visited one of the 15 on busy Beverley. 

Donna was now the Queen.

Busy Beverley a street where you once had to look both ways.

Busy Beverley where at 6 you had to be in the house by 6.

Busy Beverley went from a family sitcom stage to Gotham.

Parents and Car...

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Also by BeingBerryJane:

02.CN Tower | 01.Kensington Market |


Fear tips off your tongue

Like raw sewage into the sea

The air of hatred pollutes

the minds of your supporters


But across the way

Hope springs eternal,

A burning ember of

Love and peace.

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Also by David R Mellor:

King Charles is more Important than You |

Turkish elections

Habit Forming

You cannot change the way a person thinks, feels, or does

If it’s been the same throughout their lives

Without any disruptions or interruptions

From those in their surroundings


It’s impossible to inspire change in those

Who feel entitled, empowered, or those who are enthralled in their ego

Or the ones that don’t feel enlightened 

By the magnitude of an end result



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Learning It All

I set my phone on silence to think aloud

I got ringed for help, I am helping me too

I thought aging was growth, redefining it

It is losing the hard to replace characters

Taking time to break & rebuild flaw traits


I paid for knowledge with beans I picked

Schools I went to were built for capitalism

I got here just to learn, it’s all about money

I see, there’s more to buc...

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It's all over

It’s all over!

The Brenin’s bum is on the throne

The Monarchy threw it out and the sheeples grabbed the bone

So back to our wage slavery and the hour glass in the kitchen

“Hey Republican, this ain’t poetry stop yer bitchin!

We’ve got used to our King and all his bling,

You take things too seriously, it’s purely symbolic”

“Yes of a class system that creates alcoholics

“How c...

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One Showing Only

One Showing Only

God is waiting for us in the front row

of his Cinema. Don’t worry no rush.

A seat is reserved just for you. A film

of your life. The one chance for you to show

God when and what you did. It’s not airbrushed.

Because however good, great, ghastly, grim

it was, it is meant to be warts and all.

It’s not to judge you for eternal hell

but merely prepare you f...

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Ghost Train

"They laid tracks for a ghost train," said the engineer. "But who's going to ride it? Ghosts don't buy tickets!"

The rest of the crew laughed, but that night, the train arrived. The ghosts got on, and the engineer was forced to work overtime.

"I thought you said they don't buy tickets!" he grumbled.

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flashflash fiction

How To Make A Frog

Theres's a toad in his hole

Who's gunna get battered 

One eye's way too big

'Cause he's been mad hattered 

How'd you make a frog?

Heed the fable till it's knackered 

Then kiss a Prince backwards

Like the story really mattered 

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seeking any form of happiness available. 



consumed by emotions that overpower his mind. 



a gap so large, and so easy to fall beneath. 


Alone and crying in darkness,

trying to find a path to light–



Life continues to torture,

unwavering within its cold  hard  hands.


When will he be free from you? 

when ...

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Emotions | Your Bullet |

Over it

What ever it is, where ever we go

i hope its better than here. I hope it swallows up my sadness, spits out my badness

and allows me to just be in it. what ever it is. where ever we go. 

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Invitation / Maybe next time

It must have been lost in the post
Never received it by email
Voicemail choked on its toast
Imps must have fouled-up the detail
Telegraph posts gnarled upended
And all carrier pigeons shot
Text messages tattered un-mended 
Impressively Morse lost its dots
Only left me with commiseration 
Not an invite to the coronation


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It's Not a Story / No es un Cuento

Everyone loves a story, 
whether it's made up or true,
the Pharisee commander, with his tongue,
was a master of this art

People looked forward to hearing him
when he went out to preach,
he would recite litanies for hours incessantly;
everyone applauded him endlessly

Stories well told by the Pharisee commander,
so elaborate that they were taken as the truth,
and bewitched people gave ...

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My Unflattering Form

My body isn’t truly part of me.

I see it as an entire separate entity.

An unholy presence that has latched onto me.

Causing me so much pain and despair

Nothing about it is correct.

Every inch of skin has a certain marking or shape that I despise.

I look around to see a crowd of other figures. All perfect. All desired.

But mine. Mine is disgusting.

I don’t even want to look ...

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TW ED#bodyimage#mentalhealth#eatingdisorder#insecure

Congratulations Speedomick

Congratulations Speedomick
your fund raising trek is now complete 
Stomping from John o’ Groats to Lands End  
is definitely no mean feat

You did it in your iconic way 
in true Evertonian style  
Wearing only your blue speedos
a furry hat and your cheerful smile

The one million pound target was set
its now been smashed and blown away 
A monumental achievement 
so enjoy your well ear...

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Pretty Pink Puffs | Wild Birds At Play | Pure Delight | Dreamy Blossom Clouds |

It's not his fault

that he has fat fingers that mean

someone has to squeeze

his toothpaste, so they say.

That he gets enraged when he

has to sign things, and pens leak.


He means well. It’s not his fault

someone had the bright idea

that while we are watching

his coronation we should leap

from our sofas and swear homage.  


It probably wasn’t his wheeze.

It’s not his fault tha...

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My time

This is my time right now

Until it is not

My time to hold to covert

To share and spread around

Until it is not


This is my time to sit and be silent

To do handstands if ever I could

To watch to listen to cry and to laugh

Until it is not


This is my time to expand and contract

This is my time to acknowledge

All I have been

All I have done

And sometime...

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She got an old Volksvagen

and at weekends

we'd drive to the country,

stop in some small market town

for fish and chips

or tea in a corner cafe.

We were young

so not thinking constantly

about corruption,

injustice or conspiracies.


Another time was passion

in a broom cupboard

at the university

until someone opened the door.

She had a serious...

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Run Rabbit Run

On the farm, it's rabbit pie day

But the poor little rabbit didn't know that.

She missed the memo, too absorbed in gathering carrots

To think about the path she took home.

The farmer was out with his friends, laughing with a cigarette

Dangling from his lips. He was looking for the perfect morsel for his

Wicked pie when he saw the little rabbit snuffling around in the bushes.


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catcallingrabbitsnursery rhymegirlhoodwomanhoodteenage bullshit

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