The Three Faces of Me.

The three faces of me

One for the world 

A face for my loves

And the one I let nobody see


The first wears a smile

That vacates my eyes

Still it works for the most part

At guarding my heart


The next is the best

It’s my face at rest

It’s the face that never

Tells any lies


The third is more complex

It’s happy then sad

It’s the joy and the pain

It’s the parts of me 

That will never

Ever be the same.  


◄ As The Bell Tolls.

Preparing to Leave. ►


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John Botterill

Fri 5th May 2023 20:50

People have said I'm two faced, Clare. Never three 😂 Great poem, again!

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Fri 5th May 2023 19:53

Thank you for liking and taking the time to comment on this. I imagine many, if not all of us have a face for different occasions - or perhaps it’s just me!😉

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Fri 5th May 2023 12:48

Excellent, touching, honest poem.

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Grace Meadows

Thu 4th May 2023 22:14

I totally agree with Keith's comments ( good question Keith )

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keith jeffries

Thu 4th May 2023 22:01

A poetic self analysis which is honest. I wonder how many see themselves in such a light? I enjoyed this.
Thank you Clare,

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