burning cabin // my midnight garden


each night when my sleep reaches deep
creeping into the crevices of dreams unknown kingdom
i see a house among the pines

in these haunting dreams i appear as a child

among the pines i find a cabin i have seen in a film
which i vaguely recall from a childhood screening.


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Transcend the Ouroboros (Escape the Matrix)

samadhi poetry strikes the invisible target
labeled niche today as pearls with swine waste away.
lines of tigers-eye crystal sunsets
setting on a sleeping city
until time catches up
rising with a martini & a cross in between candles
'no middle way out the waste land...'

at the summit of Thiksey hill
east of Leh, in northern India
sits a monastery 
where saffron robed m...

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two-toned interpretations

a satellite jetty made of bones
hangs over the cosmic ocean
where we sit, skipping stones

fish and loaves
on a depleted, noxious ocean
                      water and wine
                        in a time of drought

salient geometric oscillations
joining puzzle piece limbs
let me, in full stride (come inside)
where we find that seamlessly spikes
and curves, collide


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SHUT the fusion modulator
& PLUG into schizophrenic circuits
surrounding loops of drowning sound
        & climb \\ exiting the fire escape
                    of the spinal staircase where
six pomegranate chambers exist behind six doors
    on six floors of the unexplored skyscraper mind

elevator on the ground floor
of Maslow's pyramid reads
            out of order
font formed in tri...

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the triumph & the trauma

my triumph rises out of the ocean
on the tip of my melting iceberg

peaking through Prussian blue crashing waves
  and alabaster spume.

buoyed along the coast of the arctic
all joy drifts out to sea, freezing.

\        /
  \    /
my trauma drags me below
drowning under the ash-grey sky

thunderstorms wake me at night
lightning flashes replaying the scene

screams sin...

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The Cost of Paradise

The Cost of Paradise 

“The tree that would grow to heaven
                              must send its roots to hell.” 

At the whistled mortal interval
broken for the washing of feet
& breaking of bread
a path stumbles where crumbling bricks
meets dark thicket
infected by cankers & conks
in the sanctum sanctorum of druids & sorcerers.

Blinded by rotting branches

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The Face of Murder

1.  et ignotas animum dimittit in artes

you & I read the puzzling pages
where Zeno tore the fabric of our pink paper brains
& within that spookiness of waves & particles
in silence, we shattered as billiard balls
after the breaking dawn of timeless days

falling dusk saw the owl of Minerva
spread Athenas wings in apricot shades
as the grey veil of yesterday
was torn asunder & washed an...

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the fall (one size fits all)

" ce monde me réduit à rien. cela me porte jusqu'au bout. sans colère, il nie que j'existe. et, acceptant ma défaite, je me dirige vers une sagesse où tout a déjà été conquis - sauf que les larmes me viennent aux yeux, et ce grand sanglot de poésie qui me gonfle le                                                                          cœur me fait oublier la vérité du monde "
we exist in a...

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of Sparrows, Soot & Sand

αἰὼν παῖς ἐστι παίζων, πεττεύων· παιδὸς ἡ βασιληίη   
sparrows call a song
      from the depths of their breasts
                    to the tune of aching morn
              as reverberating wind chimes sing along.
                                              vapour laced whispers
                      born in pomegranate chambers

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Masked Mystique of Venetian Hedonism #9

Colombina dances in white noise darkness
with her eyes covered and lips painted

she glides through my mind
dressed in a short skirt
and low-cut bead-buttoned blouse.
  strides laced in toe curling arousal
bring the house down
to a tongue waltz of oral ovation. 

smoke my fingertips and drink my aura
for afternoon tea on Venetian streets
while birds and bees flutter in...

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reflections in the chapel of sacred mirrors

goddess of the celestial halls behind my eyes
who wears the rainbow as a cloak
and maps intergalactic terrains within me

Satyrs dance on the vaporous misty stairs
peeling the veil of synesthesia
to reveal a vanilla scented pan flute forrest
where clocks stand still for months to dissolve in a wink

telepathic machine elves step out from the shadows
bouncing in tangerine and turquois...

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dead inside // alive online


we are the square-eyed children
who swim in radio waves
from our rooms of solitude,
painted in blue moods
and hues of synchronized views
with our online friends,
who refresh our highlight reels
to hollow barrels of silent
stone faced laughter
and muted,
seated ovation.

eyes glued to the all-seeing screen
blind in a bubble of bloated ego,

flaccid placid photographers
who pl...

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universal individual

distilled masked figures
hidden in a single atmospheric cloud
dissolve in the rain of evolution

shrouded by universal mist 
the unconscious illuminations
reveal enlightened archetypes. 

stretching beyond land mass
deep wired mythological replications & motifs
are drawn from streams of imagination

black notebooks turned calligraphic red
under a scalpel in ones left hand
on the...

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of mice & comments :: internet intellectuals

of mice & comments :: introducing internet intellectuals

bizarre_life declares
rarest male is the one who lives with crocodiles
~  while
  lennyfan mockingly taunts
you ain't never seen a dog in a dolphin suit
                                        .......          have you?

i can't argue with either
but how i ended up in the abyss
of this pissing contest
in a youtube comment sectio...

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The Age of Alienation

The Age of Alienation [& other poems by the 'Book Burning, Gun Slinging Society']


  on the eve of the beginning
we swam in the vast nothingness of an eternal now
spellbound in the sea of retrograde amnesia

born into a plague
& primed by spacetime abstractions
ripped out of childlike purity
& morphed into a disfigured automaton species

stalking the asphalt planes of the panop...

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A Kōan [the limitations of language : on the bluntness of humanities sharpest tool]

linguistic cunnilingus as the emergence of furor poeticus 
  :: out of phonetic oral sex comes lyrical transcendence 

acacia thorns pierce the skin
while shittim pierces the veil of the perceivable
as golden incense weaves across the sky
to a sanctuary where we unwind space & time

prophet's write of the vapor turning on lights
and horns shining in rays of synesthesia 

magi mi...

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Dimethyltryptamine Daydream

Orphan Ontology (an obituary for father time & mother earth)


swap the snapping turtles for shadow puppets

it's Plato's cave all the way down 


shimmering hexagonal revelations 

stream through my Dimethyltryptamine daydream


out of my eyes unfurled the room 

& then the world was birthed from my womb


faint as a whisper, yet haunting

a spectre lingers in the ...

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the cost of writing dreams

he shook hands
with the purple coat lady
in a beer house on top of asphalt hill
a wax sealed deal
where she exchanged a gold pen
which inked dreams
in the sleep of the those yet born.

agreeing to meet under the next blood moon
at a cathedral
where cracked and crumbling tombstones stood
surrounded by heaps of shattered glass
and limbs rose through the soil
of trench dug graves

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De Drie Bruiden

a body spread in rose perfumed sheets
is torn by the bed of stemmed thorns.   
under the petal waves of a lily ocean
crawl serpents & worms
  turning soil & catching plague hazards.

              bells ring
              burying caskets
              in life & marking death. 

dark alley staring into sunflowers faces
stretches the cosmos
  versed in oscillati...

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4 daze spent watching clouds [shades of paint.catalogue blue]

silence is the seed
watered by the headbanging of blank page walls

pin prick focus
feeds the soil manure
& when these fertile elements
collide with time
the fruit echoes divine.

in the Eleusinian ruins
under chisel & brush
peeled pomegranate seed chambers
expose mythical relics inside chests
next to an ornament with ergot bitten dentures
& a skull painted with poppy fu...

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A DAY IN THE MIND (5 scenes seen on a day trip)

the singer on the train track record
is number one in my book
                                          while i am zero

i am the sheep
with a bruised blossom
bus ticket
busking knee deep
on highway sixty-one.

i am the pensioner
wearing musky deodorant spray
playing crossword puzzles
on blue foldout pages
of recycle bin salvaged papers.

i am the waterlily
cut with culinary s...

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Dreams of Kyanite Crystal Eyes

take flight from the runway
lined mandala path
tightly woven by tattoo'd tapestry
into the night burning with silver moonlight.
sink into sheets under the starry sky
laced with bright banners
blazing through the space
across lines of longitude
which divide through time.
slice across the looping meridian
scalpel strokes with surgeon precision
sculptured by steady handed direction

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a somewhat sensual vision on Margate Street : Sunday, 11th

 Soundcloud Link

      (iv) voice...
reverberating ultrasound syllables
her breath
ALL wax lyrical from her gold frond tongue
dripping maple syrup rhythm
all over
              & through me

gold rush pulsing in my veins
to the tune of a hypnotic narcotic. 

her tongue is an aspergillum
soaking me
from head to denim
in holy water
& my once bland arid gard...

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propaganda is a hoax // to sell you insurance

streets stained with unschooled blood
washing tracks with floods of mud
ship rudders turn stuck in that sludge
olive branches sinking in tears of a dove
reruns are boring.

barroom brawls fall short of grace
vomiting the bitter taste of losing face
cut the fat cake of entitled waste
swing open the doors to pearly gates
destiny is calling.

yesterday burns a paper bonfire
mountain of a...

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((Dante themed, Dylan styled)) Protest Song

Arthur Schopenhauer  //
      for where did Dante take the material of his hell
but from our actual world?

shut up, sit down
write & recite the rules
              line up, melt down
snowflakes reshaped for tools
bright eyed sandpit artisans
crushed under thumb
shaped to retrograde
& handmade into a-grade wage slaves
set for a cubicle daze till coffin days. 
god bless the progress

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la petit mort

let me kiss you 
below the depths 
touched by simmering rays
crashing like waves onto your bronzing skin
on a sunny day 

may ravenous fangs 
sink into the nape of your neck 
holding back the pining force 
of seven hundred clamping bear-traps 

starving to death for your tomb of life 
     la petit mort // la petit mort 
an afterlife womb 
  where heaven & hell mix
         craving ...

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mouth to mouth 
breathing in sweet morphine 
         she's analgesic 

fill my lungs 
with toxin antihistamine 
kiss me quick 
kill the seeds of sick 

             she's angelic

unwinding me
unraveling at the seams 
a knitting needle 
piercing through my skin

jinx one-two twice 
junk found on a spoon 
shot up flooding veins 
leads to a fork 
at yellow-brick ro...

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these mountains echo the last Kalahari bushman song

these mountains echo the last kalahari bushman song :: 

            :: a shaman story on the birth of art & consciousness

rhythmically I moved
stomping in a circular dance
clapping my hands & slapping my thighs
clicking my tongue & chanting low humming tones
slipping in & out of a hologram dissolving trance
with a forceful energy
inexplicably electric within me
considering my five day...

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Alchemy of Love

as above, from the cosmic darkness
in the collision & explosion of neutron stars
so below, within black volcanic rock
& deep underneath charcoal terra preta
the continuum is an astral phenomenon
asteroid streaks below the feet of the magi
who are guided by glimmering lamps in the night sky.

in the pomegranate garden i saw the diva triformis
with her bow, golden cloak & purple boots
the ...

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Pardes Rimonim

~ مغ ~
magus of golden dawn
wielding a purpleheart-wood wand & Nandaka sword
with penchants written at the cataclysmic flood
his fire opal chalice flows with Dionysus' blood

Mercury carries the canticles
spilled from his erupting fountain pen
through the steamy air
over her breasts & up her neck into her widening ear

"let us mix & mingle our sacred liquids in that ancient
alchemical ...

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ghosts of my life (sinking in a stream of consciousness)

 ACT 1 
MELTING into the crucible
of her sapphire and steel stare
i felt myself turn into liquid
in the most lucid fluid stream
where my outlines disappeared
with my insides dispersed on the table of a roadside cafe
plucked out if the nineteen forty's. 
lost in the smooth swing of background 
Glen Miller big band jazz
& a chorus of old man monotone conversation
volume turning up a few b...

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Peyote Flavoured Fables

after a pint of cactus laced eggnog
    i closed my eyes in time
for the creation of an in-house Christmas production
The egg-yolk dawn finds me on a stingray shore
      inside an oyster cave 
  my sleep stolen by tumble dryer waves 
& a seashell orchestra
I weathered the snail-paced night
    under starless ceiling
  a deep onyx sky melting into the waves
I paced the beac...

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Combustion & Creation (portrait of a paranoid artist, smoking)

midnight disease :: a journey with hypergraphia

life arrived with a birthmark
burnt by the touch of a daemon shaped flame
  leading the artist down a lifelong maze
only guided by the scorching Promethean torch 
along the anointed namesake road
    which delves into & through shadows
to dwell in that ethereal realm
    vaporous as floating smoke from the cigarette tip
blown in a cloud be...

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drowning in brain waves

born to Cybele on a golden cloud
he appeared in a flash of lightning
carrying Prometheus on his back. 
his footsteps left luminous tracks
a blazing trail of prints 
& ground breaking indents
cementing his path through the sands of time.

when the bearded man spoke or wrote 
his words formed waves
blown by the west wind
& the sleeping dead woke
drinking his poems as an antidote
from a ...

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mental healthmental illnesstorturedartists

life is beautiful

i would fall from heights
shaking Lucifer terrified
for Luna's starry skies to linger,
in a Jashar night, by your side.

floating on Chopin stroked ivory nocturnes
swimming in deep ruby pools of Pinot Noir
dancing on your flowering lips,
sweet with vanilla cigarette smoke.

life is beautiful.

phosphorus waves of purple patches
carry me from seas of stormy eyes
onto shores sanctuary ...

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lovelosssufferingartThe Smiths

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