ghosts of my life (sinking in a stream of consciousness)

 ACT 1 
MELTING into the crucible
of her sapphire and steel stare
i felt myself turn into liquid
in the most lucid fluid stream
where my outlines disappeared
with my insides dispersed on the table of a roadside cafe
plucked out if the nineteen forty's. 
lost in the smooth swing of background 
Glen Miller big band jazz
& a chorus of old man monotone conversation
volume turning up a few b...

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Peyote Flavoured Fables

after a pint of cactus laced eggnog
    i closed my eyes in time
for the creation of an in-house Christmas production
The egg-yolk dawn finds me on a stingray shore
      inside an oyster cave 
  my sleep stolen by tumble dryer waves 
& a seashell orchestra
I weathered the snail-paced night
    under starless ceiling
  a deep onyx sky melting into the waves
I paced the beac...

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Combustion & Creation (portrait of a paranoid artist, smoking)

midnight disease :: a journey with hypergraphia

life arrived with a birthmark
burnt by the touch of a daemon shaped flame
  leading the artist down a lifelong maze
only guided by the scorching Promethean torch 
along the anointed namesake road
    which delves into & through shadows
to dwell in that ethereal realm
    vaporous as floating smoke from the cigarette tip
blown in a cloud be...

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drowning in brain waves

born to Cybele on a golden cloud
he appeared in a flash of lightning
carrying Prometheus on his back. 
his footsteps left luminous tracks
a blazing trail of prints 
& ground breaking indents
cementing his path through the sands of time.

when the bearded man spoke or wrote 
his words formed waves
blown by the west wind
& the sleeping dead woke
drinking his poems as an antidote
from a ...

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mental healthmental illnesstorturedartists

life is beautiful

i would fall from heights
shaking Lucifer terrified
for Luna's starry skies to linger,
in a Jashar night, by your side.

floating on Chopin stroked ivory nocturnes
swimming in deep ruby pools of Pinot Noir
dancing on your flowering lips,
sweet with vanilla cigarette smoke.

life is beautiful.

phosphorus waves of purple patches
carry me from seas of stormy eyes
onto shores sanctuary ...

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