The Moon Moves the Ocean (Hope Moves Me)

I wake up each morning
my mind wrapped around your body.

spiralling in an unbreakable circuit
round and round
bound by terminal planetary rings
orbiting around closed eye film trailers of you
moving through sleeps ghostly shadows
from my pillow, crawling up the wall onto the ceiling
before dropping onto and into me.

watching a candlelight burning in a lighthouse
lantern g...

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dreams + psychedelic drugs as inter~dimensional portals

i dissolved as a dandelion in the eye of a tornado
on a night dimly lit up by the fading
  waning gibbous moon

wiping the scales from my eyes
  i woke up
untangling my limbs
    out of the mycelium web
spun in a kaleidoscopic razor-wire thread
winding spirals of psychedelic bungee cables
within the walls of my exploding head

a prefrontal lobe c-section
made me see the plasticity of ...

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