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4 A GiRl

Lithuanian girl,

Feet in the Baltic, icy waters in summer sun

Looks out towards Gotland , and wonders what will become.

An island , steadfast, proud of history

Its past like all , surrounds a mystery 


Her eyes grey as summer clouds,

Pierce the light,see through the shrouds 

They clear the way for future life

Determined, calm, wise, and bright.


Chin on hand star...

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old CAT

Ok Mr Mouse. I’ve had my fun

I’m now just and old cat. , sitting in sun

Time was ,I’d creep up  jump and tease

Toss you here and there , play as I pleased.


But these days I just can’t be bothered

I flick my tail, leave it to the others,

Curl my paws and lick my claws

Shoot a glance at the dog filled door.


They always follow me around.

They can’t quite figure me...

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Hold my hand 

Hold it tight

Hold me  close

With our feet in sand

Sea salt perfume

Mirror sea, dancing lights

Rhythmic waves ,

Cooling the mind

Warm breeze, in your hair

Gently flicking across your eyes

I stare at you mesmerised.

Steps on the beach 

Left behind as we advance 

Each one a memory gone

Randomly together

As we dance 

Eyes to the stars 


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hurt and soul

My heart lies on the roadside 

Cast aside by youth 

in the search for truth

Left to rot, openly beating

Crying for the body , waiting for the scoop of angels 

To place it in the breast of a lover


Gone it is now , in dust and smoke

Barely a stain left where it fell

No resurrection, no connection 

No hot blood running through 

But eaten by the crows.


Will i...

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I- compass

I was sitting with my phone 

just the other day , 

and yes it has a compass 

so I thought I’d have a play


According to the dial , on the initial trial My dining table faces North degrees 330 

Whilst my sofa ( at my wife’s behest )is juxtaposed southwest .

Which I believe makes her feel shirty


And if of interest, and I’m sure 

you all will have an inkling,  

my ...

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When I hold you,

You melt in my arms like snow in spring

Rivers of warmth course from your body, 

drowning my senses , 

blinding my eyes , 

like the piercing sun, gently washing me downstream in a flood of unconscious.


Precious moments , snatched, 

You draw the laughter from my lips

Like waters from the deep well

Fathomed by hands of angels


Head throne back ...

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God please save us.

Putrid rhetoric, pours as a river of blood

From the mouth of the worlds new hood.

Spreading plagues of hate to unborn

Babes of rape from the devils horn


Generational grief, created by a thief

Whose poison spills like poison wine

Drowning humanity down infinite lines

No healing or forgiveness this time


Hearts wrenched out and held on high

Like trophies while the...

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Peering in

Raven hair, hazel eyes

Windows in to what you hide

Revealing smile, warm red lips

Cups that beckon, nectar sips


Tight green dress, clasped at waist

Alluring Angel, just in reach,

Hold your hand out, call for help

In you gravity , I can’t help myself


Caught in your gaze, I cannot blink

I can see inside you through the chinks

The fire inside , burning bright


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Peering in

Raven hair, hazel eyes

Windows in to what you hide Revealing smile, warm red lips Cups that beckon, nectar sips   Tight green dress, clasped at waist Alluring Angel, just in reach, Hold your hand out, call for help In you gravity , I can’t help myself   Caught in your gaze, I cannot blink I can see inside you through the chinks

The fire inside , burning bright


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Fool crumb

Youth is before the fulcrum 

Anxious to progress, time to waste

Rushing through new emotions

The flower of life opening up before the eyes

Joy of life ready to taste


Winding paths eagerly tread,

Randomly taken on a whim of mind

Pounding heart the sun pours in

Few rainy days , no gasping sighs

Eyes wide open , but temporarily blind


There comes a point unseen ...

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Good bye

Death is a magnet

A black hole of no escape

Concentrating emotion in a vice like grip

Crushing the hearts of those left on the ship


With progress up the hill

Slowly step by step

Towards the final stillness of the grave

Above the tower St George, he waves


The last goodbye to all below

Framed against the clear blue sky

Peers down on grief and willow


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Shut  out , shut tight

Locked in , look in , not out

Don’t come near

Visor down, armour steel,

Sword in hand , I can’t feel

Shield on arm 

Cold , 

stone lips

Not speaking , dumb now

No thought , no feelings

Ambivalent to the room

Bereft to the moon.

Shutting down,

Echo sounder is all I hear

Reflecting nothing

In the deep,

An abyss on the edge of an a...

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Sailing the seas of love

Tossed on the oceans of your heart

Whatever the weather

We are pirates of the earth

Plundering our emotions

From the finish to the start.


 Crashing on the rocks of life

Shattering our souls on cliffs of glass

Surfing the waves  of chance

Salt tears in our hair

Whirlpools of circumstance 


Danger as the winds that blow round the ear...

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There’s a pool inside

 Mirror surface, depth infinite

Soul caves

Each holding a prisoner 

Shut tight 

Black as night

No moon

No  stars

Asleep , waiting,

Nothing will awake the beings

Hidden away from from sunlight

Condemned to stone

Stir not

Fear keeps them at bay

one day 

turn away 

They will creep out

Grotesque and pale

To be met face to face...

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Brother in law

I new when I saw 

Who the call was from

She never phones , or very rarely 

Sister of 66 years

Big gaps we don’t know

But the precious times 

Punctuated by years

Are as if we were children again

Siblings drifted into our own lives

Away from the nest of nurture 


I new as soon as I heard her voice

The familiar comfort of childhood stories 

eagerly listened, bu...

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The green man is at my gate conjuring up like magic those that sleep in the earth in winters dark days.


The larks again have found their voice and soar up in the crisp dawn air , to find favour with a mate so fair


Frantic is the air and ground as hoof and claw alert with hearts beating , eyes wide and nostrils flared sense the forthcoming battles ahead , to ensure their line is k...

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End game

I hear my heart beat slow in me

My breathing measured like rolling sea

The swell of mind it washes round 

The drift of thought shuts out life’s sound


The wind of life blows through my frame,

I realise now it’s not a game

A one off try to reach the end

And navigate the the unseen bends


But journey is not solitary

Accompanied I’ve been by many

Some have stumbl...

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Hope ?

Eyes reveal the inner soul

Of humanity disappearing down a hole


As lost minds stagger in disbelief

Reach out for help , some small relief


Clouded by the fog rolled in

Shutting out the noise and din


Clutching hands of fragile infants

That follow , trusting, of their charge


Their steps that lead them to their future

The wind is cold the ground is hard.


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Z s HELL - ter

Take me by the hand , 

lead me like a lamb that follows gleefully in the steps of the Ewe

Teach me your ways, cast me in your  spell , steer my through the storm 

Show me the stars, calm my heart, free my mind , free my soul

Wrap me in your eyes, breathe me in.


For I need shelter 

From apocalypse around

From shuddering ground

I need armour of steel

I need seas to ho...

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lOst at the CafE

Empty coffee cup



Between saucer and cup

Sultry sun

Wicker seat

Accordion beat

Another cigarette

Marking time

Blue smoke


Iike a cloak

Marble top table 

Room for two

Blue ashtray

Full of stubs

Plane trees

Cool shade

There she is

Cool white

Flowing dress

Knowing yet unknowing

Her eyes caress

Scan the scene


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Counting the raindrops I feel you close to me.

Counting the tears I need to hide away.

I break in waves, on the shores of your emotions

Washed up at your feet like a thousand miles of ocean


Call up from the depths the monsters we know

Let them dance on the decks of the 


that are ghosts of the show.


The show we all act in where we all find our strength wher...

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I am the sea, tempestuous 

Cold and deep

Deadly and dangerous for those that dare sail on me

Foaming , hidden secrets of rock

To catch those unawares 


Harbinger of death , cold , lost souls

Unpredictable deceptive 




I am the sea,

Calm and warm

All embracing, healing

Azure, clear, shallow

Full of life.

Mother of life, b...

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eNd of THe lINE

Train draws in lives renewed 

Hand through the window open the door

Step down, municipal smell of station

Journeys end for some.

Case first, bag second, travel done.


Whistle blown Slam 

Slam Slam

Onward change for others,

Car,bus, taxi,plane

Possibly another train

Facing forward facing back

Hand luggage on the rack.


Passing stations full of faces


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aN vIL

The blacksmiths hammer rings down the ages

Forging the steel on the anvil of life

White hot metal the souls of men

Drawn across the black face

Formed across the horn

Bent to conform.


But what about the sparks

Breaking free with each blow

Bow not to the pattern

But dance in the glow



Each briefly shining escaping the heat

In air quickly dying , shootin...

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I wasn’t there 

And can’t imagine

The fear the death, the hopeless crowding

The sick the dying the poor the crying

The black abyss that swallowed all

The world aghast the smoke, the pall


Just writing this it makes me sick

At mankind’s filth, at mankind’s tricks.


No more, forever, we must avert

We must be vigilant we must be  alert

But slips unseen ...

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thE 200,000

Mankind knows nothing

200,000 years of huffing and puffing

Clawing a way up evolutionary ladders

We then slip down the slippery adders


Each invention speeds the time

To our demise I think you’ll find

We think we’re conquering the void

But all we do is produce more noise


The clamours of mankind grow loud

As we spread across the earth in clouds

Like locusts co...

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I’m stuck now between your gaze

And games your beauty with emotions play

You arch your back up to the sun

Sensual moments have  begun


A peek of flesh beneath your dress

It’s causing me now undue stress

Your laughter is like alcohol 

Coursing through my bodies Well


Beads of sweat appearing now

Control my shakes , I don’t know how

You take me in your open arms


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sea GIrL

Gone in a whisper,as summer breeze washes

Your locks ,flowing hair streaming as if the wind is your own.

Untamed by your laughter and smiles,

Tossing your head in animal mane

The world is yours , with hordes at your feet,

Conquering all hearts that lay before you.


Dancing down the sands into the surf, 

Sylthen body glistening in the foam,

Rising like the mermaids of le...

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Navigate the oceans of your love

Crossing the deserts that rain from above

Leading my heart to a life far beyond

Time and space never dreamed of or planned


Floating on wings that unfold as we talk 

In delicate whispers that shadow our walk

Our echoes ascend, absorbed by the sun

And return with the truth reborn as we run


Embraced by a feeling that we both belong


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Catch me when I’m falling

Help me when I’m calling

Hold me in your arms

Bring to me the calm


Your mystery sways before me

I stand in ancient glory.

Captured by your gaze

That leads me through the maze


The wordsmiths are at work again

Weaving spell like bullet rain

Soaking me with ignorance

Dowsing me with blackened pigments


Painting me out the sce...

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I can see you now alone in bed

Sweet dreams I hope , will fill your head

 No shadows cast before your mind

But thoughts of words and deeds of kind


To lie with you a dream to me

But sadly that will rarely be

The void that separates is wide

I want you here now by my side


I close my eyes and see you there

In front of me your wide eyes stare

Deep into mine , two...

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