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sea GIrL

Gone in a whisper,as summer breeze washes

Your locks ,flowing hair streaming as if the wind is your own.

Untamed by your laughter and smiles,

Tossing your head in animal mane

The world is yours , with hordes at your feet,

Conquering all hearts that lay before you.


Dancing down the sands into the surf, 

Sylthen body glistening in the foam,

Rising like the mermaids of le...

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Navigate the oceans of your love

Crossing the deserts that rain from above

Leading my heart to a life far beyond

Time and space never dreamed of or planned


Floating on wings that unfold as we talk 

In delicate whispers that shadow our walk

Our echoes ascend, absorbed by the sun

And return with the truth reborn as we run


Embraced by a feeling that we both belong


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Catch me when I’m falling

Help me when I’m calling

Hold me in your arms

Bring to me the calm


Your mystery sways before me

I stand in ancient glory.

Captured by your gaze

That leads me through the maze


The wordsmiths are at work again

Weaving spell like bullet rain

Soaking me with ignorance

Dowsing me with blackened pigments


Painting me out the sce...

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I can see you now alone in bed

Sweet dreams I hope , will fill your head

 No shadows cast before your mind

But thoughts of words and deeds of kind


To lie with you a dream to me

But sadly that will rarely be

The void that separates is wide

I want you here now by my side


I close my eyes and see you there

In front of me your wide eyes stare

Deep into mine , two...

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