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riV eR of ObLiviiion

Crystal waters of chalk rivers

Waving fronds of maidens hair, trailing like slow green serpents

That shadow the bed where silver trout watch with darting eyes that belie their stillness


Appearing free the river is directed in the confines 

Gliding quietly to the sea


I lie back on the soft green sward , staring up at the blue,

The smell of sweet grass and singing  waters...

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Re flex shun

The mirror is strange in the things it reflects

As each morning it stares at me silent , yet quizzical of memory  absorbed

Each day that I squint at it blinking into the light of each forgotten dawn


What can it hide what does it convey, what can it remember what can it say

It’s grey  face reflecting the room,  mist on the surface hides the forthcoming day.


Slicing my hand ...

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Sitting carefully amongst the trees

The distant castle gently breathes

A thousand years of history 

In shadowed shrouds of, mystery 


What have these worn walls seen,

Sieges, victory’s, a well known Queen

Noblemen that fall and rise

Ignominious peasant lives


We wander round and touch the stone

And read about who made it home

But what about those poor souls


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sPIT fiRe

As I sit and gently clap 

Summer sun upon my back

And sink into the wicker chair

To watch the ball soar through the air


Numbers lazily creeping up 

In small amounts, depends on luck

Grouped in white they mill about 

Sometimes an occasional shout


In faded hut a game is played

Sandwiches, tea and lemonade

Arranged on plates for thirsty men

Before venturing ...

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TAKe & giVe

Is love to give or love to take

Do I give my love or is it taken,

If it’s taken is it at behest

If given is it by request


Confusion reins to give, to take, But given can I take it back 

Further down life’s railroad track 

Or taken is gone for good

Lost forever in the wood 


You take my love and lock it up

And leave me cold and out of luck

If given though I ca...

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huNt [er]s moon

September hails the Hunters Moon Whose steely light arriving soon Along with chilling Autumn eves The rustling grass upon the breeze   Blown away is Summers heat Gone now evenings drawn and sweet Parting birds for warmer climes Leaves the natives far behind   English Autumn comes along Slight decay with blackbird song Cackling in alarm at dusk Skimming by in ...

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DREam InG SunS

It’s said that when you came to me

With stories of your life that’s gone, 

you needed a hand to hold, a shoulder to lean against and cry on


Or was it that I needed you more than the life I lead

A lover to join me in the last days of dreaming suns to sigh on.


The journey this then took us on, around the world , emotions strong

To fight all mountains in our way , to fight...

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Today I’m 25 again, my mind wiped clean from years of stain.   Enthusiasm back inside , looking forward to the ride   My step springs with youthful hope, for future plans I don’t yet know   To jump the hedge and vault the gate , to race along to unknown date   A heart that’s free ,that knows no fear   the sun of youth that shines  so clear.   All choice is now in fron...

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OLd RaGe ( will Owe)

The deepest corners of cavernous caves

The depths of oceans the crests of waves

The weeping willow, the hardened beech

Are all within the writers reach.


But dark lost soul, emotions bold

Shifting sands, trembling hands

 Racing heart and gasping breath

Are all the writers desk of death.


To capture briefly passing mist

That fades away to ghostly twist


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Universal wars and universal soldiers, guns full of arms arms full of babes

Unending cycle that never fades


Like pop up games you hit them down

Appearing again with cancerous frown


Not the last and not the first of desperate  mobs dying of thirst


For peace and calm and restful sleep

Not darkness fear of huddled heap


No stomach wrenching knots within


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tHe Or an g dreSs

The girl in the orange dress

Awaits some one for sweet caress

Gentle eyes flick round the scene

Her breath is still her eyes serene


Beneath the dress belies her calm.,

Her beating heart pounds as if alarmed

Anticipate a lovers trust

Overcome with pent up lust


Two strangers, yet., not strange at all

Whose lives brush by to each they call

Both need a hand and ...

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Fire in my belly

Fire in the skies 

Fire is why I love you

There’s fire in you thighs


There’s fire when we’re together

And fire when we’re apart

But water doesn’t quench 

The burning fire in our hearts


There’s fire when we’re crying

There’s fire when we’re sad

There’s fire when we’re arguing

There s fire when we’re bad


There’s fire in the morning 


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Empty now, stillness reigns

Memory coursing through my veins,

Husk dry desert of the mind

Eyes now cloaked make me blind


Evening scent I breathe in deep

Creating soporific sleep

Summer dusk envelopes skies

Of orange suns that say goodbye.


Relax now the day dissolves

And runs down into unseen holes

That draw life’s poison from my frame

To rivers of cathart...

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I haven’t written for a bit

As basically it all been sh*t

The plasterer he hasn’t come

And plastering has not been done


Instead it  sits in powder form

In its bag all forlorn

Waiting to be mixed to paste

Then troweled on with undue haste


One day at work is all  I got

Before he left me like a shot

Another job just up the road

And he’s off like Mr Toad



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Goodbye FLO x

Big brown eyes

A faithful lick a wagging tale 

A playful flick that never fails

Stuck like glue through thick and thin

They’re always there to help you win



A furry friend who questions not

The command you give to make her stop.


A chase around with stick and ball 

In the kitchen in the hall

Up the stairs and on the bed 

In the garden, in the shed



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Fo To

Turn around snap a shot

 Catch a smile to be forgot

Suspended now in time forever

Staring from the page together


Looking in or looking out

No knowing then what’s life’s about

A moment frozen in the frame

For future eyes to play a game


Who is the man who is the girl

What did they do what did unfurl

Did they have kids? Are they still here?

Did she smoke ? d...

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Fish Sing

Gazing up from ocean deep

Fishy eyes and sliver streak

Murderous hooks they dangle there

To the mackerels deep despair 


One by one themselves impale

On shiny hooks hung over rails

Each day the boat brings more and more

Inexpert fishers to the call


Catches they get less and less

Fish hoovered up in deep distress

Empty oceans, watery voids

Of nothing left j...

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HE at

Waves of heat,whirr of fans

Sweat shining on my hands

Distant combine, in fields of sun

Birds now silent brooding done


Lovers in parks

Distant larks

Buckets of ice, cooling something nice

Suspended time, as sun just shines


Population stops, conversation ,it’s hot

Move now slowly, shutting down,

Sleep of heat , eyes squint round


Evening comes with mil...

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tHe PRior (y)

The house stands still

Waiting for the change

Empty now silent and strange

No more cries of babes in arms

Silently sleeping silently calm


New key in the door 

New steps in the hall

First look at the rooms

First of a frequent call


New vibrance found

New music sound

Nock out this nock out that

New coat of paint 

New jaunty hat


Bursting now it’...

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ORt umm

Still warm light from autumns torch

Suns weak rays filter yellow hews

Blackbird trills in echoed alarm

Float in whispered warmth


Scent of Autumn , slight decay

Opens up the hallowed way

That ushers winter yet to come

Meanwhile soak up the fading sun


Dried up grasses swish and dance

As I pass ambling down the path

Strip the seeds as I walk past

And scatter...

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tIMe GoNe

That’s another ten years gone

Ten years done


What happened there

I blinked and it was gone

Nothing happened, nothing done


Gone in a wink

No time to think

Working away

No time to play


No time to speak

Rushing to the  end

No time for friends

No time to spend


Tunes transport me back

To the start line, to the track

To the proverbial star...

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tHe JoUr knee

Paths of life right or left

Some with joy and some bereft 

Some be lonely paths we tread

Some with hope, some with dread


Some friends with us will stay the course

Some by the wayside will fall

Some will join along the way

Others they will lag and  stray



Whilst paths will cross at random times

Some will jump and cross the line

Some take your hand and lea...

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The seas and oceans heave and swell

Their fury is as deep as hell

They choke upon our human waste 

That we discard in random  haste


They foam and crash against the sands

And spew our crap upon the land

Rejecting all that we discard

To clean its self  from our backyard


It heaves and shakes and curls and snakes

It’s waves leave boiling tails that take

An endle...

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U mELt Me

Wrapped in black a draping gown

Flows around like silken down

Lures senses down the roads of light

Leads me to the velvet night.


Hold  you in translucent  dress

Raise the game with your caress

Glimpse your form through shafts of dreams

You sway before me form serene 


Tempting touch and bodies close

Waves of intoxicated dose

Dizziness now sweeps my mind


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Moooovin’ oN

Sitting there upon your own

Down dusty roads I kick a stone

To your back door my heart lays at your feet


Your crazy smile lights up the sky

As you can laugh at passers by

That wander up and down your street.


Lazy days within your arms

I know that you’ll keep me warm

And free from troubles that the world can bring


We can rest a while and gently laugh

On ...

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fRee LArk

Pale pale skin to wrap myself in

Velvet touch I crave so much, 

Like moons soft light dappled through the leaves

With shafts that dance through gossamer trees


Fading out with ghostly grace

Hide and seek to tease the space

That forms in shadows deep and dark

That separates us from the lark


Who rises mornings, on the wing

To call the world

Join in and sing


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Sleek boat to crush the water

Take care to tell your daughter

Men in shades will lure you there

With promises of what they’ll share


Choose carefully those you love

If chosen right you’ll sing like doves

Be whisked along at  Bluebird speed

Like Campbell at the helm of need


Tempted not by fame and glory

We all know Campbells fateful story

Ending in obliteratio...

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Now we are England on our own

Shackles of Europe over thrown

Can we return to pound shillings and pence 

Will we now put up a fence


Will we revert to potatoes with dirt

To half a cucumber not a portion

And also now without caution

Spring not salad onions


But I hear you cry

What about ounces and pounds

19 eleven and six

Poles pecks and perches 

Chains a...

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We all are born with a bank of time

To spend as we wish through rain and shine

as we wend our way through daily slug

For some poor souls they lose the plug.


And time for them drains quickly away

28 seems to be the day

That time ran out for those who lost

The race against time,they just went bust


Time is equal to us all

Black or white , short or tall

Some hav...

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A simple peace of frozen sunsets

Draw the eye into the place where we’ve wandered 

pondering a fate that waits in the wings to reveal the life that makes us sing

But our heads are down with back to the sun we stare at the earth from which we come,

The seeds we sow, though some will die and some give rise to bright new life,

That lets us fly to cloudless skies ,to set us free and won...

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Re Cur ing dReaM

Drifting round  the star lit sky

Looking down and wonder why

I’m gliding round and looking down

On rooftops and surrounding ground


I’ve sprouted wings like superman

With twists and loops I rocket round

And sit on dizzy edges high

With wings folded  by my side


All is now just black and white

Washed by the moons eerie light.

The dreamscape I look down upon


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Piii Geons IN My FrrrIDge

I walked downstairs this morning to make a cup of tea.

Put slices in the toaster one for you and one for me.

I heated up the kettle, put the bags straight in the cup

And went to go to get the milk, to top the water up


But opening the fridge, was a site before my eyes

And I have to say I stepped back in surprisingly surprise

He sat there looking at me with that beady look the...

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Crystal eyes they peer from deep

Cold oceans in crazy sleep

Look out on a world and pierce the page

Know not what looks back to calm the rage.


Or love that’s lost in raging seas that run so deep.

A steely gaze and skin so fare with ruby lips that beckon dare.

The cherry taste of perfume hangs 

clouds  of  hope  within my hands.


A sweet caress a calming touch, to r...

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EAR-ly Muse-ic

Listen to the music sent from the ether

Conjuring tunes that soar in the metre

Some that beat to the drum

Some with tunes  you want to hum


Some with lines that make you weep

Some with lines you want to keep

Some with lines that pierce the heart

Some with  lines  that make you laugh


All are now upon the ear 

with the words you want to hear

Repeat the ones  yo...

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Bre-ak (again)!

Breaking dawn,

Breaking bread

Breaking cups

Breaking ground

Breaking up 

Breaking down.


Breaking in

Breaking out

Breaking cars

Breaking shafts (as in half)


Break for tea


Breaking masts


Breaking glass

Breaking pencil

Breaking seals ( As in jars)

Breaking waters

Breaking teeth

Breaking laughter


Breaking chains


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Breaking dawn,

Breaking bread

Breaking cups

Breaking ground

Breaking up 

Breaking down.


Breaking in

Breaking out

Breaking cars

Breaking shafts (as in half)

Break for tea

Breaking masts


Breaking glass

Breaking pencil

Breaking seals ( As in jars)

Breaking waters

Breaking teeth

Breaking laughter


Breaking chains

Breaking minds


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fRan tic

Soft hair soft eyes soft breasts soft thighs

Warm breath warm touch warm heart, too much

Fast pulse fast car , fast girl ,too far

High sky high hopes,high tea , high notes


Deep eyes, deep thought, deep soul, deep scar,

Just sit, just lie, just kiss, two parts,

Stand up, kneel down, roll up, roll round,

Feel hot ,feel cold, feel sweat , feel gold


Bright lips, brigh...

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dis EnGage/ ment

From the screen reaching out

Stick thin kids lie listless .

Emaciated in a world that takes the life, and squeezing hard

Destroys the chance of decent life of fairness.


Our heart goes out but what’s the point

They’re far away in some dark corner 

Of our dear earth, victims of conflict ,

Politics, corruption 


They’re there again day after day

Year after year, on...

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ZjuSt 4 a LARF

We poets in our ivory towers

Sit and ponder life for hours

We write our prose with serious tones

Of love and death and darkened homes


Of big black holes that swallow all

Or moonlit sky’s with werewolf calls

Or long lost love , and painful times

Of childhoods lost and struggling lines


Sometime agonise with a line

That taxes brains from time to time

Is the wri...

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Disconnect myself from the voice and sound

A conversation that circles round

Familiar tune wanders down the hall

Rest on my ears 

Shafts of sunlight

Dancing dust slips in and out.


Drift off into semi sleep

Mind wanders shallow then deep

Flickering eyelids view the scene

Floors are grey , walls are cream


Soul looks down on sleeping form

Now it’s becoming t...

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Life is good today,

Sun is shining, birds are singing

All is rather well

I can smugly sit and dwell

On garden dug and weeds controlled

And now a beer my hand to hold


Not today for doom and gloom

Or a poet trapped in darkened room

But bask in summer, nature’s glory

(Even if at times it’s gory,)


I can sit and read or  idly watch

The birds that nest or bees ...

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Wat-Er oF LliiFe

Floods here they come

To wash away the the doubt 

To wash the lands that shout


Give me rain give me seed

Give the hungry mouths a feed


Give the lost some found

Give the plough some ground


Give the dust some mud

Stop the river of blood


Give the war some peace

Let the struggle cease


Embrace the love

Free the dove


Give mankind some ...

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tHe Pass -T

The breath on my neck ,

Sweet perfume consumes

Intoxication of elegant fumes,

That anaesthetise the  bloody soul,

That reaches to find ether to hold


Your eyes they keep

Dark and deep to make me weep

To turn my wrist 

To shake my fist

At sickness that inside me grips.


Your pale calm beauty 

Now gentle eyes, your soft warm skin

Your welcome sighs.


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Life is like a plate of beans

Sometimes saucy, sometimes mean

They’re often hot and always tasty

And even warm they make you hasty


Soak them up with nice warm bread

And let them get inside your head

Once bean eaten you feel well fed

But take care if eaten in your bed


Some say they eat them cold

But personally , so I’ve been told,

That consumed like this thou...

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mAd ShAdowS

Summer shadows grace my step

Stretch before me sun behind me

Giant legs and giant arms 

dance like puppets with boyish charm


Few days bring such playful dance

And when they do it is by chance

The sun it rests in the just the place,

The causes smiles upon the face


A moments joy a moments laugh

As I wander on the short cut grass

Dogs now tired with giant jaws


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thE dATe

Waiting at the station for an empty train

That’s full of empty people standing in the rain,

Waiting at the station for the train to come

To open my grey old world to a distant sun.


Listen to the doors shut as it speeds away

Leaving from the platform

Leaving shadows of dismay


Disappearing down the line with it goes all hope

Of meeting her and touching her and feeli...

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The edge of the sea is the edge of the sand

The edge of the sky is the edge of the land

The edge of the stars is the edge of my hand 

The edge of your breath is the edge where I stand.


Reaching up through the gaps

Fingers stretched until they snap

Feeling for the other side 

Feeling out to catch the ride


Sweet sweet breath upon my lips 

Give my senses wild wild...

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LU / st

As tall as a statue as pale as a ghost 

with red ruby lips that I like the most

the delicate waist the pale pale skin

The scent of anticipation I revel in 


Striking a pose to best effect

Perfectly from feet to neck

Slowly melting to the floor

Shut the blinds and lock the door


Outlined now against the sheets

Lying back with arms to greet

A warmth and heat int...

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ThE FaaAWn

The black dog walks in the room and leaves me in the cloud and gloom

The January skies are grey the nights are long with shortened day

Rain falls down as shards of glass

That pierce the soul and through me pass

The depths of winter, the winds of hell 

Drive down and try me to fell


The night sky boils with melted brains,

And swirl around with white hot chains

And rain d...

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Holes are where we come from

Holes are where we go

Holes you need to hang a shelf 

You make a hole to sew


Holes are small and holes are large

Some as big as houses

Some have holes in their socks 

And others in their trousers


Where would we be without our holes

To extricate our fluids

Everyone has several holes 

And that includes the Druids


Holes f...

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