Me and my job

Where equal or were not 

You want us to be on the same page but how can that be when you always misread the situation 

Just because your pretty doesn't mean am stupiet 

For Al this toxic tension ain't doing anybody any good 

You see one day I take me jacket light a smoke on my way out the door and that will be me and the front line done

Honestly am exhausted their no more left to give well the powers the be keep taking what's it to be pal 

For all the madness the politics the and the egos are just not for me 

I don't like the games, I don't like the tension their are no friends 

It's always going to be us and them and me I feel numb

For who thought helping people for a living would costs me so much 

So forgive my paroind my toxic thinking and over all tone of regret

But I don't thinking were help anybody including are self's 


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