From: Jaxy To: Love

Expressions of Love: Part VII

Title: From: Jaxy To: Love

Ms. Love,

I've written a million letters and more about my feelings for you. I even once told you I could write a book. While it is not in the traditional way, I'm working on that book. Through poetry, letters, notes, and spoken word I am writing the saga that has been our life to this point. Our story will continue to grow, just as we experience life. Expressions of Love is neverending. As time flows and our connection flourishes, so too will the story I'm creating. This project is not a one time deal and it will never be complete. I've told you before that I want to learn everything about you, that I want to spend every day learning you all over again, and that I will spend the rest of my life reading the fantastic story that is your life and person. Expressions of Love is a project that can never finish, as it represents our time together. It represents the long winding path and the sea smashing against the cliff face. This story is our story and it is the best way I can translate the song within my soul as it sings with an incomprehensible symphony. Expressions of Love is my commitment to you, my promise, my undying need, my passion, my soul...a portion of our fairytail. It is a reminder that you can forever look back on to refill your cup whenever it is low. 

Everyday....I can't wait to wake up to the twin burning stars that are your eyes



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