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Black woman you’ve come undone

Carrying the weight of the world on your weary shoulders

The pied piper has come to collect your last remnants of sanity in exchange for sleepless nights 

Constant thoughts flood your mind’s eye

Strong, Independent, Sassy, Abrasive

Adjectives assigned against your will 

If only they knew you were

soft, needy, earnest, kind

In a hopeless state ...

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Black womanhoodsacredshameguiltpiedpiperundone

Ties That Bind

Ties that bind

Sticky, twisty, winding

Searching for my own path

Can’t seem to find it

Where do I go from here

All roads lead to blindness

My highest self calling

pushing me towards kindness

Inner child whispering

Keep pushing forward

Like a rabbit using it’s hind legs

I push back, asking the universe to

Untie me, kindly, please so I can find me. 

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Rocky Road

My journey of healing begins

Trekking along a rocky road of unhealed traumas

Breathing slowly, inhale, exhale!

Tear filled eyes, liquid dreams wash away right before me

Asking myself, who am I now?

And, who do I want to be? 

Against my will, my mind flickers through memories past,  

Confronted with my shadow

Refusing to flee, I learn to cope with the density

Leaving room...

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Be comfortable existing in all your dualities, there is no light without darkness

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Let there be light!

I refuse to exist in the darkness shrouded by my own self loathing...

i choose the light made possible by an all encompassing self love.

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The soul of a poet

My words are mine alone

they cannot be taken away from me

they will transcend my current reality and existence

as i put pen to paper, a piece of my very essence will forever

be in flux with the universe.

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Why are we offended by other people's truths?

Our ego shooketh to it's core

Feelings Bruised? like we'e been battered by an ore

Raw, words come spilling out like a kid in a candy store begging for more!

Why does their truth feel like someone telling us to imitate a dog standing on all fours...panting and all!

Or is it that we don't know who we truly are at our core

Pretending to ...

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An ode to Mother Nature - The Great Giver of Life!

"Take those clothes off, you smell of outside". She quipped

A perplexing concept; an ineffable part of everyday life clinging to our clothes.

Clinging to our very beings. 

From that first life affirming breath as we step out to conquer the day - in hopes of slaying invisible beasts, to the soft caress of the morning dew on bare skin. 
Then comes the rustling of evergreen leaves, graduall...

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NatureMother Naturetreesleavesmessageconnections

Soliloquy under Tuesday Moonlight

I can feel myself spiralling, this immense sadness bubbling inside me. I know it's an unfortunate side effect of my PMDD, self diagnosed- yes but what's a girl to do when her GP dismisses her. I feel like life is so easy for everyone else but I'm sitting on the precipice with this huge weight on my shoulders. Not knowing whether to sink or swim, life feels so heavy, feeling sad is the only constan...

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Fragments of a Soul

In pursuit of a better life

I refused to delineate boundaries

No bubble to protect my very essence from being frayed

My soul begins to rupture

Ever so slightly at first but slowly

I start to lose me at my very core

No longer recognising my own reflection

Surrounded by hyenas ready to snuff out my 

goodness at a moments notice

My laughs grow more quiet

The light in my ...

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Death on the highway!

Death is so jarring, though we are cognizant of it’s looming presence, when faced with it, we cocoon our very beings in a state of stillness…

As a creature of habit, I embarked on a morning walk, silently welcoming the beginning of spring. The wind caressed my face ever so softly with the sun making an inconsistent appearance.

Ruminating over things past and present! 

I walked gallantly, ...

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Tales Echoed

Words from poet's past flow through me

their stories live on through reverberating echoes.

Tales as old as time bouncing off pages into reader's

minds, then from their lips

not into god's ears but into mine.

Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe

a literary goldmine waiting to be explored. 

Writers weaving together linguistic 

art, masterpieces so intricately 

resonant, you'...

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Time Machine

Pictures are simply moments frozen in time!
They make it possible for us to travel through time. 

Our own personal time machine but we can only catch a glimpse of the past, they have no way of telling us what the future may hold.

Relics of time and space, intergalactic instruments if you will, propelling us from one reality to the next. I wonder what stories all these pictures would tell, i...

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timetravelmemoriesmomentsfrozenintergalacticwhispertime machine


Little things that remind me of home
They take me back to where I’ve been 
Also where I’d like to go
I think about the gold necklace that I wore on my 31st
Or the gifted pink bracelet with my name carved in rose gold
Some I have lost and others I have yet to find 
But one things for sure, I know you were and will be all mine!

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The winter frost calls
As memories of spring fade,
Autumn breeze beckons

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frostseasonshaiku seasonsspringautumnwinter

Skin and Bones

Dust to dust

ashes to ashes will shall all return

with our regrets,

sins and wins erased from mother nature

our spirits effervesce into carbon 

but fear not as energy cannot be destroyed only transferred

our lives once lived tangibly in a conrete jungle

has now been washed away with a faint petrichor lingering in the air!

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mother natureearthyspiritscarbonAshesenergy

Love hurts!

Loving you feels like a thorn pricking my heart
a once whole vessel now bleeds with every beat 
The melancholic drip serves as the anthem of our story 
Our journey has no true resolution 
We must ultimately deal with the cards we’ve been dealt 
I can’t help but think 
Maybe in another life!

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Looked in the mirror shortly after i rose
Not quite sure i like what i see
A little bit of this, a touch of that and
Maybe i'll start to feel like me
Maybe i'll start to feel a little bit of glee
or maybe that's just me taking a leap
I need to get out from under this heap
I need to free myself before tears start to seep
Then they'll all start to say, girl please!
Get a grip 
or you are b...

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peacereleasegleewandermiseryfallingleap of faith

Still Waters

Birds of a feather flock together

Sitting in my stillness whilst the outside world continues to move in it's very own ebb and flow.

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stillnessebb and flowwaterbirdsmovementflying


I've been broken for as long as i can remember,

welding together the fragmented pieces of my life will be quite the journey!

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Melting into your being means aligning with your highest self, still lost in a fog hoping to ascend! 

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Rest Easy

An ode to my dear departed father 

Even though we were oceans apart 

I know you carried me in your heart

As I carried you in mine

Here’s to you Dad

Rest easy “Bob do good”

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An Ode to Grandmama

My fondest memories were when you would take us to the Saturday market on a cold crisp winter morning. You had this knack for making the most mundane of tasks seem like so much fun. I remember you would always buy tangerines, plums,pears and apples. It was always red apples. You were warm when you needed to be and strict when the situation called for it. 

I will never forget when me and dupe st...

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Men Like Trees Walking

Are men like trees walking?

Hair blowing through the wind like leaves talking

Often shrieking down the street like birds hawking  

They certainly can’t do without gawking 

Things of a worldly nature draw them in, so they come flocking 

Never quite sure what life may bring, so they keep ducking 

Bag full of tricks yet they’re still lurking

Watch your back, before they come stal...

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They cut off part of your being

A part you were seeing 

A life you were living

Living, maybe just existing

In the wind, twisting

Tired of fixing 

People trying to get their tricks in 

Tricks in? Truly they’re Just itching

Itching to get their fix in 

guess it’s time to get your kicks on 

Get gone, show them you’re not the one to be picked on! 





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Giantshrinkingfighting talkboundaries

Winter Chill

The cold winter air whistles melodically

A gentle breeze sneaks past my fingers

Blue Lipped

Frozen Feet 

Teary eyed

Memories of autumn spring forth

So close yet so far away

Teddy coat wearers scattered across the London fog

AirPods in, walking briskly

Listening to my favourite tunes 

Not trying to blend in 

Just learning to be

Realising that happiness is free

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Perpetually living in a space and time between now and wanderlust!

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Our energies intertwined 

patiently waiting for that moment of ascension

When our two souls merge into one 

An attraction that’s beyond the physical 

Your very essence entices me 

The goodness within you knows no bounds

Your heart drips liquid gold

Encased in a rich chocolate package 

Only time will tell if the symmetry of your heart matches mine perfectly!

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Two minds, souls and spirits connect to become one 

Both energies Intertwined to give off a synergistic frequency into the ether 

Two hearts beating to the same drum

Speak it into existence and he/she shall be drawn to you

Like two magnets finding their centre

At times the pull might not be perfectly aligned but in the end you will always find your way back to each other.


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Friday Tidbit

Linear intricacies

I might just be a tiny speck In this vast universe but everyday I leave a little part of myself behind in the ether so I exist in a linear space that can only be accessed through my mind. 




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Tick Tock

Oh time! how you pass me by

Tick Tocking away by the day

The years fly past even as we lay

But not much we can say


Tick Tocking away as mama begins to shout

Tick Tocking away as things start to pan out

Tick Tocking away as the hourglass runs out


Some despise your perceived cruelty

or could it be a timeless beauty?

Others delight at your ability to heal what we ...

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What is?

Life without Love

Love without Life

A Vessel without A Heartbeat

A Heartbeat without A Vessel

The Sun without The Moon

The Moon without The Sun

The Sky without The Clouds

The Clouds without The Sky

The Night without The Stars

The Stars without the Night

Me without You

You Without Me



Nothing at all!

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Some things have to wilt to let others blossom

Often moving so fast you can't even fathom

I can feel it coming

I see that things are looming

Let's just say, everything is booming

The ground beneath me is starting to shake

I can feel my soul starting to quake

I need it to wash my troubles away like water flowing from a lake

I don't quite know how long it will take

But i d...

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Beautiful Chaos

Karma has come knocking at your door

Though you can't hear her whisper nor her roar

she proceeds to enter whether invited in or not

She might take you for everything you have got


She unleashes her beautiful chaos

Without making a single sound, never leaving a trail behind

What goes around

comes around


So be aware, stay fair and take care




Chaos i...

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You drifted away without saying goodbye

Didn't even get to see you eye to eye

Longing to look at your face and see that smile

You know! that one i haven't seen in a while

Birds of a feather, you and I

Now you're floating in the sky like a little butterfly

i kid, i joke, i were never a butterfly

but you will forever be my star up high

Looking down on us from new he...

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