A Chance Meeting

I went to The Wentworth with my dear, old mum,

a treat for surviving the lockdown in her flat.

We sat in the corner, well away from the draft.


A man at the bar was staring at me.

He was stocky, not tall, but his look was hard,

And his attitude was surly, which put me on guard!

Was this a throwback to my reckless youth?

Was I about to face the moment of truth?

My nervousness, as I approached the bar,

                                increased when he told me,

“I know who you are!”

“Oh! do you?” I stammered,

“I don’t think we’ve met!”

“You’re Johnny B and the image of your dad,

and your dad is a man I will never forget!

He ran our youth club when he was alive.

To all us layabouts, he devoted his time,

And Frank Botterill taught me how to drive!”


Alan bought me a beer and shook my hand,

and we drank down a swift one for Frank.

My mum was on her own on her big day out,

but I knew that she would understand.


We were toasting our village’s community,

and honouring a great man’s legacy!



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John Botterill

Thu 4th May 2023 20:36

Thanks Manish, Keith and Stephen. Really loved your comments. Much appreciated.😀

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 3rd May 2023 07:45

I think 'heart-warming' describes this well, John. A smashing poem.

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keith jeffries

Tue 2nd May 2023 09:42

A chance meeting and a moment of nostalgia. A great combination to warm the heart.
Thank you for this,

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Manish Singh Rajput

Tue 2nd May 2023 08:59

A beautiful poem. Some meetings just seems so fascinating, especially when they have stories or incidents to share about a family member. Enjoyed every bit of it.
Thank you.

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