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Light breeze,

Flowing through your hair,

Like swift waves of silent sea.

As we hear,

Gentle rustling of leaves,

Their sound, A music indeed,

With the moon's light,

Shimmering through the sky,

Lightning our path,

Your dark eyes,


Like an ocean, filled with stars.

Hear me, my dear,

I know it is hard,

But, I want you,

To forget all your worries,


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happy night outnightnyctophilesilencecoldlovecutetimesmilewalkhappy


Here are some reasons,

Reasons untold,

For why,

I hate you,

Firstly, I wait,

To see you,

To meet you,

Then, you make me smile,


You bring to me,

A sense of satisfaction,

When you look my way,

As you walk my way,

You make me forget,

All my worries, All my doubts,

And make me wonder,

Where were you till now?


You break, the unb...

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I know this girl,

With Dark eyes,

So Deep, Burning with confidence,

Brimming with curiosity,

To learn, To know,

Anything and Everything,

All at once,

More than a pretty face,

And sweet smile,

Courageous enough, To fight, 

Against wrong,

A lamp, who brings joy,

Wherever she paves her way,

Mysterious though,

Is just how,

She never reveals her pain,


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In the form of Flame,

Is a mother's touch,

Calm, Gentle, Warm,

The same Fire,

With circumstances,


Raging, Ravaging, Revolting,

Learn from Fire,

To be a caressing mother,

For Good,

And be the destroyer,

For Evil,

Ignite your Fire,


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fireflameacceptable behaviourfireworkscoldchangewinterbluesmood


My heart,

A bubble, Indeed,

Expanding, every minute,

Every hour,

With words, unsaid,

With thoughts, untold.

Feelings never shared,

For reasons unknown,

But should I,

Share with them?

What will they think of me?

I don't mind,

I want to break the silence,

I want to Speak,

Then why,

Do I feel, so out of words,

When they question me,

Will they accept ...

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Life is Hard,

And Reality?


So take my hand,

Let me take you,

To our Dreamland,

Where worries can't find you,

Fear can't touch you,

Light is all,

That can be seen,

Where you are set free,

To all those impossibilities.

Your Eyes closed in a pretty bliss,

Your hair, Dark as Night,

Tousled over your radiant face,

Your lips curved upwards,

In a ...

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With anyone,


Gives birth to,


Envy leads to Anger,

And when Anger subsides,

Fear overtakes,

Fear of Failure,

Ruining your Life.


Never let them compare you,

For you are unique,

In your own special way,

Cherish your Talents,

Do what brings you Joy,

The most, Moreover,

It's all about You,

So why not compare


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Fear not...

In the darkest hours,
Of your longest nights,
Someone will come,
In some form,
To push you towards Light,
You will know,
They are here for you,
And eveything,
Will feel Right,
So, when this does happen,
Learn from them,
To be Strong,
Promise yourself,
To Never Let Them Go!



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Were you there before me,

I don't know,

Yet, I've felt your eyes on me,

Since I was born,

You are so beautiful,

Shining through the dark,

They say you steal His light,

Something about, 


Huh, Let them say!

'Cause for me,

You are Brighter than the Brightest Star.


In your eyes,

Do I shine?

Leave it,

Let me just talk about you,

You are...

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Blah Blah!!!

Let's face it,

The Reality of Life,

They don't know who you are,

They don't know your past,


They will Judge you,

They will,

Unleash your anger,

Test your patience,

They will,

Hurt you beyond repair,

But honestly,

Why should you really care?

All you need, Is to,

Close your eyes,

Save your ears,

Sit back,

And fight your fears,

Let them do wh...

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Let them thinkwhat others think

My Life...

Sometimes when I close my eyes,
I can't help but wonder,
How You always make me smile,
Make my eyes shine so bright,
Convert sadness to cheerful delights,
Make me confident, to conquer the heights,
Push me through the dark, towards the blinding lights,
Fill my heart, with Joys for Life,
Guiding me always, to know wrong from right,
Giving me the Courage, Giving me Patience,
Carving me to ...

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appreciating lifemother poems mother lovelove towards mother


They reach me,


I give them my all,

Yet after that,

They leave me Alone.

They will come back,

Once again, for sure,

With a different face,

A different name,

A new personality,

All along,

And once again,

I will give them my all,

Will they, this time

Stay by my side?

I don't know,

But that's how Trust works,

That's how Life works.


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I can be Warm,

As Fire,

Or Cold,

As Ice,

Flexible like Water,

Or Rigid as Stone,


I can be,

As simple as Joy,

Or complicated as Rage,

Worse as Fear,


Or Beautiful as Love,



I can be Anything,

I can be Everything,


Depends on You.


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Chaos Life Judgement mental healthpoemloveemotionsdistancemilestrustinfeeling

Be Who You Are!!!

Don't let them Judge You,

Don't let them Teach You,

Just be Who You Are!!!


You are Amazing,

Just the Way You Are...

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self lovefire flesh love passion obsessionoptimisticoptimistLove yourselfsoulfoodsoulmindfulpositive

Being Perfect!!!

You don't need to be Perfect,

You don't need to be the Best,

Just a Better version of Yourself,

Every Single Day...

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Let them Think...

Every day,

Travelling through Life,

We encounter Them,

Some, maybe true,

Yet many,



They have,

An ever changing mind,

Facing me,

They call me sweet,

Behind my back?

They say I'm rude,

They call me good,

Then say I'm bad,

They say you're the Best,

And then?



Whatever they want,

Whoever they be,

Let them say,


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Heartbreak. Liesbad friendsChaos Life Judgement mental healthBetrayalsoulfoodsoulmindfulpositivehatefreedomdarkskin


There I was,

Standing in the storm,

Walking through the dark world,


All alone. 

Light was dim,

Lamps burnt cold,

Silence all heard,

But my heart's wild roar.


Then there You came,

A gust in the storm,

With Your competitive smile,

And encouraging eyes,

"You done, already?", 

You said, with that smile.

"What more can I do?"

"Race till the t...

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left alonedark nights aloneLifeRealcaptivealonelonelypoetrylitcreativewritingfreedomstorm


If I believe in me,

I can be anything,

I ever want to be,

Swiftly soaring through the sky,

Flying my way that high,

Gently touching horizons unseen,

If I believe in me.


Maybe dive into waters so pure,

Laugh with dolphins,

Solve mysteries unknown,

I can feel the deepest pits,

If only I believe in me.


Forgetting all my darkest fears,

Ignoring all thos...

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laughfreedom anywheredepression helpless hopeless self-destructionmotivationlove*sad*pain*memorybelieffaithhope


All this world,

Is one big stage,

And we star as mere actors,

In its brilliant plays.

Every face, a pretty smile,

But Is it truly what meets the eye?


"We my dear, are best of friends,

 Joy, or despair, 

 I'll be near.

 Cotton clouds,

 Or coarse sand,

 Side by side,

 Hand in hand.

 One day, at last,

 Harsh winds?

 They'll have to pass." 



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A Brother Is...

A Brother is Joy,
A Brother is Hope,
A lil' bit of annoyance,
Fights all along.

A beautiful Gift,
Of all those prayers,
In him, we find love,
Oh! so Rare.

Those mockful Punches,
Some Pushes alike,
Seconds of Anger,
Love still burns Bright.

A Brother is a Thief,
A stealthy one,
Stealing my Dairy Milks',
Till there is none.

A Brother is Pride,
Always standing by my side,

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Never Say Never!!!

Life, a magnificent ride,
Buckle yourself,
And never ask, "Why?",
Paths you'll stumble upon,
The dreams that'll crumble,
Those dark days,
Compelling you astray,
Yet, deep in your heart,
Raging emotions ignite a spark,
Heartbreak, sadness, fear, pain,
Hesitancy to try again?
Wipe those tears, 
Clear your mind,
Calm your heart,
Ready to fight?
Gather in some air,
And then let out,

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Aren't Trees Alive?

All those pretty hues,
Of green amongst the blues,
Their long brown feet?
Blossoming the ground beneath. 
Oh! The tremendous trunk,
Its arms in every direction,
Lil foliage materializing,
Under the radiant sun,
Dancing joyfully and smiling,
With a light breeze on the run.

Beauty, magnificence, still untold,
Wonders of pigment, flowers are born,
Fruity freshness our heart devours,

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