What’s coming next ?

In 1914 war broke out on a scale never seen before,

The first world war began,on the horizon much more!!

The second world war gave birth to atomic weapons,grossly unkind,

Millions of people slaugbtered by the cruelty of mankind !


Earthquakes around the world spread terror and fear,

Records show sixteen major quakes blight us every year.

Causing suffering and loss of life on an unprecedented scale,

A supernatural conclusion to a destructive tale.


Food shortages are occurring due to warring nations,

Corruption,economic collapse and poor relations.

Across the world millions are going without food,

The world is in chaos due to Putin's bad mood!!


Diseases and epidemics are spreading all over the land ,

Old diseases like cholera and yellow fever are back first hand.

Our world is in turmoil ,we are all really vexed,

Worrying and wondering ,what's coming next ?

◄ A big thankyou to our Creator

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Grace Meadows

Mon 15th May 2023 20:24

An interesting and scary poem Hugh, it seems that we are living on a knife edge these days.

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