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Painting a Dream

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I dreamt of a meadow under a night sky.

A blanket of red flowers was dancing South.

Through roses, poppies, and cardinal flowers I savoured passion and exuberance, I savoured warmth and energy, I savoured respect and generosity. I named that meadow: “daring and couriosity.”

A blanket of bright yellow flowers was dancing North.

Through daisies, dandelions, daffodils and sunflowers, I savored early spring, I savoured healing and hope, I savoured growth and abundance. I named that meadow: “rebirth and joy”

A blanket of deep violet-blue flowers was dancing West.

Through foxgloves, iris and bluebell flowers I savoured grace and humility, I savoured truth and authenticity, I savoured mystery and creativity. I named that meadow: “Intelligence and spirituality.”

A blanket of white flowers was dancing East.

Through roses, allium and jasmine flowers I savoured balance and harmony, I savoured innocence and beauty, I savoured love and wisdom. I named that meadow: “faith and serenity.”

Under the night sky I dreamt of my divine trinity; “wisdom, love and will,” all of them dancing into eternity. I opened my eye and the light said: Let the dream be!


With Love,

The wandering stars of the soul.


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John Botterill

Tue 30th May 2023 08:44

A beautiful poem encompassing a wide spectrum of spirituality, A joy to read! 😀😎

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 29th May 2023 10:36

Dream or not a very convincing concept and nicely constructed.

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