I saw a request in another group for submissions on what does freedom mean to you?  It got me thinking about freedom and subjectivity.  Here is my conclusion (for now)  


A interesting philosophical debate

A word bandied

Somewhere between love

And hate



Such a big word

Interpreted according

To where you are the world



Idealogical, abstract noun

Ask me what freedom is

Then ask him

Or her


Free to voice

Free to choose

Free to live

Without any rules


Free to be who you are

Free to exist

Without scrutiny



To not be bound

Free from tyranny

A privilege

For people like me


Look at this

Here I am

Masturbating through

My poetry


Does that make me free?

Then why do I

Censor my words

Why am I so keen

To fit in with the herd?



One thing to me

Another to you 

I ask for the freedom to live


Unchained from the constraints

Of societal norms

I want to say what I think

And to hell with you all!


But I have brothers

And sisters

Out there in the world

Who would give their own blood

To walk out of line


I will never presume

That I feel their pain

Let’s not beat around the bush

Let us not pretend


Heaven forbid

We should ever forget


Nasser  Zefzafi

Vladimir Kara-Murza

Martin Luther King

Rosa Parks

Susan Bromwell Anthony

Roxana Saberi


And so the list goes on

There is no end

So when you ask me

What does freedom

Mean to you?


Forgive me if I take my time

Because freedom 

Is too big a word 

For me to contemplate 


I will leave you now

To deliberate

I’m in no rush

So take your time


I already know

Your interpretation

Will differ from mine












◄ Never Enough.

Not Worthy of a Title. ►


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John Botterill

Mon 22nd May 2023 20:23

You tackle this bravely, intelligently and poetically, Clare. I love the different perspectives this poem has created!
One person's freedom is another's constraint, maybe.

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Kevin Tan

Mon 22nd May 2023 16:35

We're becoming so intellectual. I love it. Don't give up on Earth (and that includes humanity!).

And it's an amazing poem. But that speaks for itself ;)

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Matilda Simakaj

Mon 22nd May 2023 14:56

I love the notion you gave to it: "A word bandied somewhere between love and hate!" One only word so many interpretation and all of your poem makes sense to me! And, well said! It depends on where we are in the world. 🙏🙏

One only word, many lifetimes of contemplation! Years ago, freedom was for me, doing what I wanted to do, saying what I wanted to say, free from structures, free from the borders of the country I was born, freedom from religion, freedom from the blood shed in the name of freedom, freedom from society.
Contemplating now, I would say freedom is seeing things as they are, free from judgments, free from past experiences, free from future plans, free from conceptual diarreha, free from control syndrome, free from envy, free from imaginary fears and the list goes on.
365 points of view for one only word.😆😆

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keith jeffries

Mon 22nd May 2023 14:41

Clare, we hardly differ at all in our understanding of freedom. It is a very precious commodity and worth defending. It is the business of poets, writers, film makers, artists and sculptors to express freedom in its various forms. When books are burnt, statues pulled down and art works desecrated that we see the ugly face of authoritarianism. History has a lot to teach us. The classrooms of freedom are found in the Gulags, the Concentration Camps and countless graves. It is worth fighting for, especially the freedom to be ME.
Thank you for this excellent poem,

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